Right, got a match coming up against an experienced empire player the coming week, and my list looks like this:

Lord (goes with BK's)
Lvl 3
Red Fury
Walking Death
Crown of the damned

Total: 450pts


Vampire (goes with a ghoul unit)
Sword of Might
Flayed Hauberk
Talisman of the Lyci
Infinite Hatred
Walking Death

Total: 225pts

Sword of Striking
Summon Ghouls
Ghoul Kin

Total: 155pts

Dark Acolyte
Book of Arkhan
Cadeverous Cuirass
Summon Ghouls

Total: 195pts


15x ghouls w/ ghast

Total: 128pts

15x ghouls w/ ghast

total: 128pts

14x ghouls w/ ghast

total: 120pts

2x 5 dire wolves, 80pts

9 x black knights
Full Command
Banner of the dead legion

Total: 317pts


4 x wraiths, 1 banshee, 275pts

1 x Vargulf, 175pts

Total: 2248pts

1 bound spell
7 DD

Now, I expect him to field either an arch lector on a war altar with a van horst mans, a lord on a griffon with laurels of victory. He's also likely to field a steam tank, a cannon or 2 , a hellblaster volley gun, some handgunners, some 5-man units of knights and some flaggelants.

So, the question is, does my list stand a chance against the Empire and their shooty doom? Mostly thinking of perhaps dropping the Vargulf, as a cannon can remove it with one shot, but I can shield it pretty well I guess

Comments/ideas welcome