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    Competitive 1500ptS

    im currently putting the finishing touches on2 a 3k khorne army(check d list out in d WC section) and hav alredy startd planning a 1500pt VCs, but being new to vampires i wanted to see if the list is worth it?

    Armour of night,black periapt
    Dark acolyte, avatar of death(Grt wpn).
    - 200pts

    Dread knight,walking death,swrd of might,book of arkhan.
    in corpse cart,sceptre de noirot

    25 zombies

    5 dire wolves
    Doom wolf

    10 ghouls
    - 88pts

    5 black knights
    barding, f/c, war banner
    - 205pts

    5 black knights
    barding, f/c, banner of the dead legion
    - 205pts

    3 fell bats
    - 80pts
    - 175pts

    iv been told fell bats are great for warmachine/wizard hunting and the new varghulf models are too good to say no to. tactics would be to raise a new unit of zombies fairly quick and doing as much damage with the 2 knight units as possible until the zombies charge.

    how competitive would it rely be?
    is 6 pwr dice and 5 dispel good at 1500pts?
    Varghulf or more knights + another unit of fell bats?

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    6 power dice may be enough if you're not fighting a magic heavy army. I like the set up of your vampires, although since you get a lance from the Dread Knight power I would take the talisman for a ward save instead of the sword of might. A +6 is better than none. As for your other vampire. The only unit you can place him in is the 10 man ghoul since they can't go in the zombie unit. And with it being a 10 man unit I can see them being taken down fairly quickly. I would suggest dumping the zombies, and taking some skeletons, zombies are so easy to raise. Your cavalry units looks pretty beasty, Walking death AND war banner should see some great results even against the more static block units. Good luck!

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