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    Senior Member DoctorDogmeat's Avatar
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    2000 points Competative with skeletons

    I want a competative list with skeletons. What you do you think?

    Vampire Lord Level 3 w/ dread lance, cuirass of fortune, Lord of the dead, red fury, dread knight 425

    Vampire w/ sword of striking, book of archon, Walking death, avatar of death 195
    Necromancer w/ 2 power stones on Corpsecart w/ balefire 195

    20 Skeletons w/ fc warbanner 205
    19 Skeletons w/ fc endless nightmare banner 197
    10 Ghouls

    GG w/ GW, champion, banner of barrows 303
    5 Bats
    5 Black knights


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    hey DoctorDogmeat, I actually play Skeletons Competitively and will try to help as best as i can.

    Lord: I find putting a guy on a horse and giving him any sort of lord of dead tends to be a waste. Usually he has better things to do then sit back and make skeletons. He might cast it first turn, but with marching and positioning, he wont get much chances.

    With my experience, Fel bats and skels dont go too well. I know they are good at taking down war machines, but in most cases, my skele//zombie legions with my knights get down their fast enough before any real damage is done. I always have 4 casters in my 2k, because when it comes to my skelels with Banners, i make sure they dont die.

    I start with squads of 16, then use magic to boost them fast. Always keeping hand weapons and shields. With a vampire and a champion protecting him, i find that is a great combo. Next turn you just get your champion back and Vampire Survives.

    I would even drop the ghouls for skeletons. Lord of the dead is your BFF.
    Another thing i think works for me is in Grace Guard use Banner of Stigros. Barrows you need a 3+ which is 1/3 chance(33%), but with Strigos you have a 50% followed by another try, (25%) I noticed you have Great weapons so Strigos is what i tend to go for, with just hand weapons and shields ill go with Barrows. 25% hit, usually 80% wound with their 6Str, works for me.

    Last i would drop nec to just 1 Power stone, and use it when you really need it. Try to throw in another nec or if all goes well jump in another Vampire

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    Good Luck and have fun!

    8th Ed WOOT

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    Acting XO of Tanith 1st MadLarkin's Avatar
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    I think your lord is fine on a horse if you want to use him aggressively (judging by your build, you do), otherwise foot is fine due to better los and you'd only loose 1" of movement.

    I think you need at least one, if not 2 more vampires with lord of the dead. This is a balanced vampire I like to put in skele units:

    dark acolyte, lord of the dead
    black periapt, sword of battle, nightshroud
    -195 pts-

    This vampire actually works well with a skele unit of spears (the only time I'd reccommend buying spears other than aesthetically) since if anybody wants to target him, and they can target him outside of a challenge, a lot of people forget that, they need to wait until not only they get four S5 attacks directed at them, but 5 S3 attacks as well from the skeletons next to and behind the vampire.

    In general for skele armies I like the vampire powers of dark acolyte and lord of the dead, you can then use magic items like flayed hauberk and such to give you the extra CC oomph.
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