Vampire 165 pts
-Dark Acolyte
-Lord of the Dead
-Flayed Hauberk

Wight King 147 pts
-Battle Standard
-Barded Steed
-Enchanted Shield

Necromancer 95 pts
-Dispel Scroll
-Black Periapt

20 Skeletons 180 pts
-Full command

20 Zombies

Corpse Cart 100 pts

5 Wolves

5 Wolves

5 Black Knights 150 pts
-Full command

Total: 987 pts

It's a bit influenced by Bretonnia, hence the peasantry (Zombies) and the Wight King with the Black Knights.

By the way, can I arm a Battle standard bearer with a lance? I might have missed a rule.

It's really aimed for friendly play, but if it's a downright shot in the leg then I'm willing to pump the power level up by a bit.