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    1500pt Duel DE/UD Tournament list

    Hi guys.. First timer in the Vampire Count parts, and this is rather coincidencial to be honest.

    But I've got some question for you guys, as I'd like some advise from some seasoned veterans in the art of raising hell

    See, There's a double tournament coming up in April 2010, 2x750points worth of army.

    My idea for this army would be to add the element of competative artillery and personal touch. I'm not a hardcore gamer, and I'm not a 'ardboy. . But that being said, I'd still like some advise for huge mistakes or unseen trouble heading my way.

    So far, my army will be mixed of Dark elves and Undead, having the ranged finess and beastial undeath working together in a mix.

    Vampire Counts:
    - Vampire
    - Summon Ghouls
    - Flayed Hauberk
    - Ghoulkin

    - Vampire
    - Summon Ghouls
    - Sword of Kings
    - Hunter of the Night

    - 15 Ghouls
    - 15 Ghouls

    - Varghulf

    745 points

    Dark Elves:
    - Sorceress
    - level 2
    - Tome of Furion
    . Pendant of Khaeleth.

    - 12 Dark Elf Repeater Xbowmen
    - 13 Dark Elf Repeater Xbowmen
    - 12 Dark Elf Repeater Xbowmen
    - 5 Harpies
    - 5 Harpies
    - 5 Shades

    745 points

    What do you guys think?
    Would this work against other duel armies?


    Note: Yes I copy pasted my own thread from the DE list, but as this is a duel list, I hope no one minds me getting the advise from both sides. Here is the link to the Dark Elves Entry (1500 Dual army, DE/UD Tournament based.).

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    And now to erase your memory of this entire conversation.

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