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    2000 Pts first vampire list

    So this is my first attempt at a vampire list, and i always build my lists, 2000 and down. Ive never had a true combat lord before, and thought this was my chance.

    Vampire lord: 425
    Red fury
    Crown of damnation
    extra lvl

    vampire: 190
    Dark acolyte
    lord of the dead
    black pheripet
    flayed haubrek
    biting blade

    vampire: 195
    Dark acolyte
    lord of the dead
    cadavourus currius
    book of arkan

    19 skellies:197
    Banner of dead leagion
    (biting blade hero here)

    14 skellies: 128

    15 gouls: 120

    5 black knights:120
    (lord Here)

    4 fell bats

    4 fell bats

    5 Wraiths: 275

    Black coach

    Total 2010

    Thats leaves me with 10 pts to cut out, but i dont know how?

    The main idea, is for the lord to do what he does best in the unit of black knights. I know alot of people dont like sticking characters in them, but i didnt know where else to stick the lord, and hes not going on his own. The large unit of skellies is meant to be somewhat of a combat block, to be raised up a little more. the black coach hangs out near the wizards and beefs up a little before heading off to hit something, and the wraiths head up the opposite flank of the lord, covering that flank and hitting somethin hard. the bats do warmachine huming and general annoyance.

    I was tempted to add a vargulf instead of the coach. It seems like its more relieable, and can get in the fray faster, but after the coach is buffed up, it seems much more powerful. Also i want sure if i could aford to lose the few power dice i have in order to buff up the coach.

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