Ok its not an optimal list because I wanted to fit in both black coach and varghulf because mine look to good not to use. Which vampire/bodyguard combo should I go for? Vamp 1 with the knights or vamp 2 with the GG. Thanks

Vampire lord 1 level 3: red fury, summon creatures of the night, nightshround, scroll. Balefire spike
9 Black Knights champ, banner, barding, hatred banner
Vampire Lord 2 level 3:red fury, avatar of death, dark acolyte, nightshround, blood drinker
17 Grave Guard w/GW, champ, banner: royal standard of strigoi

Vampire level 2: lord of the dead, enchanted shield 160
Vampire level 2: lord of dead, sword of striking, flayed hauberk 185

20 Skeletons fc dread legion 197
20 Skeletons fc 172
10 ghouls
5 Dogs
5 Dogs

3 bats


Black Coach