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    2250 w/ combat lord

    430 Vampire Lord w/ dreadknight, red fury, beguile, dreadlance, cadaverous cuirass, lvl 3

    185 Vampire w/ avatar of death, dark acolyte, book of arkhan

    170 Vampire w/ summon ghouls, dark acolyte, flayed hauberk

    95 Necromancer w/ rod of flaming death

    168 20 Ghouls, Ghast

    168 20 Ghouls, Ghast

    168 20 Ghouls, Ghast

    120 30 Zombies

    XX 8 Dire Wolves

    100 Corpse Cart w/ loadstone

    100 Corpse Cart w/ balefire

    XX 4 Fell Bats

    345 5 Blood Knights w/ full command, banner of the blood keep

    XXX Varghulf

    I'd like to here what people think about this list. Basic strategy would entail loading on e flank with the big unit of zombies, while sending the blocks of ghouls and the knights to take the other flank and (hopefully center). Any advice welcome.

    I am heading off to the Peace Corps. It is bery likely I will not be back. Good luck to all of you endeavors.

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    Things I might do

    This has an interesting variety of stuff in it. There is really only one thing I might do and that's to drop the corpse cart with the summoning bonus. It really almost never pays off. Even if you get two raises off a turn that it can contribute to you'll barely pull its points. I would either keep it and make it another minus one to casting or drop it for some points to play around with. You have four fell bats at the moment, five would give you enough unit strength to get a flank charge in with them.

    I might have to play the list a bit to have any more thoughts on it.

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