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    mighty empire 1000 pt VC army

    Its been awhile since ive played. Im trying to make a fun to play VC army based around what I played with at 750 pts. I have 22 points left over im not sure where to spend. My army strat is mass summoning, getting to artillery via black knights and using my buffed ghouls or GG to destroy my enemies core while his elites are wrestling with zombie wave after zombie wave. Help me out my opponents will be dwarves :[ , skaven, and maybe chaos demons.

    vampire - dark acolyte - summon ghouls - helm of commandment - hellsteed - tailsman of protection - 210
    necromancer - scepter de noirot - extra spell - power stone - 115pts
    10 ghouls - ghast - 96pts
    20 zombies - 80 pts
    10 grave guard - full command - great weapons - 150 pts
    5 black knights - standard/ champ -152pts
    1 varghul - 175pts OR 2 wraiths + 1 tomb banshee = 175 pt not sure which one would pack a meaner punch ive never used either. I ust figured since the varg is a vamp it gives me one additional spell correct?
    978 pts

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    Hmmm. I'm having some real problems seeing this army working too well, especialy against the armies you may be coming up against.

    Your first problem is there is too little magic for a 100opts list. Immagen coming up against a dwarf list (worst case senario). You will say cast successfuly lets say 2/3 of your attempts, and then they could be dispelled. Baicaly your vamps may be expensive but you need at least 2 lvl 2s, (so 2 vamps with Dark Acolyte) then maybe if you have anything left at the end maybe splurge for a necro.

    That 6+ ward from talisman is going to anoy you as much as your apponent as you will never pass it when you need it, try and find a better build, even if you end up getting rid of helm. A must for him has to be Wristbands of Black Gold for a 3+ ward agasint all ranged attacks considering he will be flying alone. After that thier are 3 real options for you. 1) go deffensive with a magic armour, enchanted shield or Cadaverous Curirass. 2) go offensive and give him Balefire Spike fo strength 7 on the charge with flaming attacks. 3) boost your magic with the black periapt, which is what i think will do you the best.

    Periapt will mean the casting dice you have is ; 2(army)+ 2(vamp general) + 2 (other vamp) +1 (periapt if saved over) = 7 dice.

    I would also change your core line up aswell. Drop the Zombies and go for two units of ghouls, and spend the first 1-2 turns raising these units to at least 20 strong, (in which case it may be worth giving both vampires Summon Ghouls as you have done on your vamp. You can always raise ghouls fast, especialy with Sceptre de Noirot, but those Toughness 4 ghouls are going to keep you in the game.

    Now...a Varghulf, Black knights, and grave guard. One of these units really need to go at 1000pts in order to make room to improve the rest of the list and surviveability of the rest of your list. The varghulf will work well alongside the black knights as it will allow the black knights to make march moves (explained later on) whislt keeping up with them, where as the grave guard are a liability to you winning a game. Grave guard act best as large wound buffers to characters in the unit, and win combat through attrition. You need a big unit to be able to afford loosing combat, and still be left with models to raise back up and eventualy win on combat res and outnumbering with undead, so a unit of 10, especialy with command unit isnt what you need. Either take the varghulf and BKs or a unit of 20ish GG.

    You are right in choosing the Varg over the Wraiths and Banshee in 1000pts as a small unit of 3 will soon be dropped by 2 lucky magic missiles, but you are wrong about getting an addtional spell. The varghulf vampire rule simply means that; 1) it doesnt take crumble tests if the general dies, and 2) it allows undead units within 6" to make march moves. no extra spells im affraid.

    This is how i would change you list;

    Vamp General = 210
    Dark Acolyte
    Summon Ghouls
    Wristbands of Black Gold
    Black Periapt

    Vampire = 185
    Dark Acolyte
    Summon Ghouls
    Book of Arkhan

    10 Ghouls = 88

    10 Ghouls = 88

    5 Black Knights = 152

    Varghulf = **

    Total = 898pts

    You have just over 100pts to play about with now. Wether you get a coprse cart with load stone, another unit of ghouls, another magic item or so on your other vamp, or opt for a necromancer to have alot of magic is for you decide. Maybe put Sceptre de Noirot instead of Book of Arkhan on your other vamp and play about with scrolls or power stones etc.

    Hope this helps a little and doesnt detract to much from what you intended for your list.
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