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    4000 points, "Need Comments"

    Vampire counts army list 4,000 points
    L Count Mannfred with Skull Staff and Black Periapt 555 points
    L Vampire lord, (Hans) with Sceptre De Noriot, Gem of blood, Flayed hauberk, forbidden Lore (Lore of Shadow), Lord of dead, Tomb Blade, Level 3, Dark Acolyte 435 points
    L Vampire lord, (Fritz) with, rod of flaming death, Master of the Black Arts, Level 3, Cadaverous Cuirass, Forbidden Lore (Lore of Metal) and Blood Drinker 450 points
    H Wight King, (Halt) with Night Shroud, Sword of Kings and Barded Skeletal Steed. 165 points
    H Vampire, (Pieter) Dark Acolyte, Lord of Dead, and two scrolls points 195
    C 10 Skeleton Warriors, with Banner of Everlasting Death, spears, and F.c. 125 points
    C 10 skeleton Warriors with Banner of Endless Nightmare, spears, and F.c. 135 points.
    C 10 skeletons Warriors with Icon of Vengeance , spears, and F.c. 135 points
    C Corpse cart, with unholy lodestone. 100 points
    C 20 crypt ghouls. 160 points.
    C 20 crypt ghouls. 160 points
    S 20 Grave guard with banner of borrows, Full Command. 315points
    S 5 Black Knights, full command, Banner of dead legion. 205 points.
    S 6 fell Bats 120 points S 6 fell Bats 120 points
    R 5 Cairn wraiths, with tomb Banshee. 275 points
    R Black Coach 200 points
    R Varghulf 175 points
    4,000 Points

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