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    new to VC want tips for my models

    I am new to VC, seen them played, have a handful of models for em and looking for advice to make a few simple and a few advanced lists from what i have acquired already...hero models are easily taken in any form by models i have.20 zombies20 hounds20 ghoulsabout 100 skeletons when including my old tomb kings skeletons hehe12 skeletal mounted skellies.a vhargulf6 bat swarmsalways interested in peoples concepts.

    My Soon2B DoC list below...Wip thread in the works

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    I have made a starter 1500 point list based on the models you own. I shall post it and then describe it's tactics to you.

    Vampire with dark acolyte and summon creatures of the night 145
    wight king bsb with skabscrath 130
    19 skeletons with full command 172
    19 skeletons with full command 172
    20 zombies with standard and musician 92
    20 ghouls with ghast 168
    5 dire wolves 40
    5 dire wolves 40
    3 bat swarms 105
    3 bat swarms 105
    5 black knights with standard and champion 152
    Varghulf 175

    Total 1496

    Starting with characters:

    The vampire goes in a unit of skeletons. He is level 2 and can raise the wolves abve the unit size you buy them at (meaning you can get more than 5 of them). He also can do this to the swarms, though you have no spare swarm figures.

    The bsb goes in the other skeleton unit. He causes terror and so should be placed in the centre of the battlefield to get the most from terror.

    Core units:

    The 2 units of skeletons get acccompanied by the characters. Keep them next to each other to maximise the benefits from having the wizard nearby to top up numbers if need be.

    Zombies are there to make up numbers. place these next to the ghouls to provide 2 main attacking blocks (skeletons + skeletons and zombies + ghouls)

    Ghouls have poisoned attacks so in conjunction with the zombies, these should be heading towards lightly armoured troops that do no warrant the attention of vampires

    Dire wolves should be used in conjunctin with the skeletons (one on each flank of them). These are to protect the flanks and benefit from being in range of the wizard with summon creatures of the night.

    Bat swars are there to support the black knights. As they can fly and the knights move as if ethereal, these can be placed near terrain with no worries of going through woods etc


    Black knights are a hard hitting unit. Uesd in conjunction with the swarms, these are capable of holding a flank while the infantry deploys centrally. Note that as they won't be in range of a vampire, they won't be able to march (this isn't a bad thing as they would only be slowing down to keep pace with the swarms if they could)


    Varghulf deploys on opposite flank to the knights. It is capable of protecting and holding a flank by itself. Also being a vampire, it may march.

    Note: This isn't a definitive list with what you have in ways of models. It is just an example of what can be made and the tactics it would use.

    Hope this helps

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