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    1000 Pts Totally New to VC and WFB


    Fairly long time 40k player here...I really want to get into WFB now and VC look attractive to me.

    I decided to take a stab at 1000 pts so I can have an idea of what to buy next (right now I just have 10 ghouls so I'm subject to major changes if needed), so my first ever list:

    Vampire - Lord of the Dead, Dark Acolyte, Book of Arkhan (180)

    Wight King - BSB, Royal Standard of Strigos (135)

    20 Skeleton Warriors - Full Command (180)

    18 Crypt Ghouls - Ghast (152)

    10 Dire Wolves (80)

    20 Grave Guard - Full Command (270)

    Total: 997

    Again, I'm still working through the rules of the game, but I've been reading tacticas and such. Obviously not looking for a tournament-winner, but for something that can take all comers and is balanced to a certain extent.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!


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    As a long time fantasy player (undead were my first army, and so vampire counts are my favurite still), I would suggest splitting the wolves into 2 units of 5. I know they have more staying ower as a 10, but 2 5s require the opponent to split fire and also, you can shield/target 2 units at once. The wolves (in my experience) are less a support charge unit, more a screen/war machine hunting unit.

    If you put the bsb in the grave guard, you can drop them to 19 men. Same with the vampire in the skeletons. This will provide the points for 2 more ghouls to make 20.

    A side note about skeletons - with lord of the dead, you can raise above the unit size you buy, meaning you can get away with buying them as a 15. But to do this, I would reccommend a second magic user so that you have more chance of raising them to get that +5 combat res (std, 3 ranks, outnumber) as soon as possible.

    All in all, this looks like a good foundation for a list. However, a good piece of advice to a starting player is to find what it is in the list you njoy and make a list around that. If you enjoy te ethereal rule, then stock up on wraiths and spirit hosts. If killing blow is your thing, grave guard and black knights work well.

    Hope this helps

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