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    2000 points of vampires

    Hi all, i am mostly a 40k player but i do run ogres but i am looking to expand and get some vampires, which is why i have written an army list that i think is good but i am not sure and would like some opinions on it. I'll just say my ogres get magiced to death so i wanted a high magic army for payback purposes.
    Vampire lord- The cadaverous Cuirass
    skull staff
    avatar of death
    master of the black arts
    dark acolyte

    Vampire- The flayed hauberk
    black periapt

    master of the black arts
    Vampire- Wristbands of black gold
    talisman of the lycni
    master of the black arts

    Vampire- walach's bloody hauberk
    master of the black arts

    10 skelton warriors- full command - banner of hellfire

    10 skelton warriors- full command - banner of the dead legion

    20 skelton warriors- full command - banner of hellish vigour

    10 skelton warriors- full command - icon of vengeance15 skelton warriors- full command

    20 zombie horde- full command

    grave guard- full command- royal standard of strigos

    all advice welcome and thanks in advance!

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    This really belongs in the Army List section, but as for this list I think you'll suffer from a lack of hard hitting cav unit, or any fast moving unit for that matter, I'd recommend throwing in a unit of Black Knights with the Standard of Hellish Vigour; that way you'll have a unit that can march without being near to a vampire, letting them ride around the battlefield without having to stay too close to your main line.

    Also, the Icon of Vengeance is probably not particuarly useful, because if your vampire dies you've probably had it anyway but if you really want to take it I'd put it on the Grave Guard, they'll at least have some more hitting power than that unit of skeletons.
    Thanks a lot for reading my post, I really appreciate it.

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