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    Blood Dragon Army

    Blood Dragon Vampire Army

    Vampire Lord
    Red Fury
    Dread Knight
    Infinite Hatred*
    Level 3
    Frostblade - 455

    Flying Horror
    Flayed Hauberk
    Sword of Kings - 180

    Dark Acolyte
    Lord of the Dead
    Staff of Burning Death - 195

    Total - 815

    Core Units
    Skeletons x 19
    Command - 191

    Skeletons x 20
    Command - 200

    Zombies x 20
    Standard and Musician - 92

    Zombies x 20
    Standard and Musician - 92

    Dire Wolves x 5
    Doom Wolf - 50

    Dire Wolves x 5
    Doomwolf - 50. * * * * Total - 684

    Special Units
    Fell Bats x 5 - 100

    Rare Units
    Blood Knights x 5
    Banner of Blood Keep - 400

    Power Dice - 8 + Staff of Burning Death
    Dispel Dice - 6

    Skeleton and Zombie units for holding/wearing down enemy front line, Flying Vampire will attempt to break war machines/lone wizards. *Fell Bats/Dire Wolves used to march block and outflank opponent, Fell Bats could also assist Flying Vampire. *Main assault to come from Blood Knights with Vampire Lord.

    Also considering giving the lord a different array of magic items (blood drinker, dreadlance etc) to either increase the survivability of the unit.

    My main concern is that the blood knights could be given the run around for a few turns but they can be depended upon to chew up anything they meet outside of flank and rear attacks. The zombies are there to hold up units, hopefully for enough time to let the blood knights charge.*

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    ok just so you know this isnt a blood knight army. this is a really odd army with bloodknights in it

    1. dont give your lord the frost blade!!!! what happenes if he gets hit? sonme things are faster than you and armor doesnt stop killing blow. buy him some better equipment, mainly blooddrinker and the crown of the damned, caverous curias works too and gives you 10 extra points, better save, immune to killing blow, and heals wounds when you strike, or change infinite hatred for walking death/ beguile, and take dread lance and crown of the damned, still 5 points cheaper, and should get 5-8 kills on the charge.

    2. the flying vampire... another no, you cant land in forests, so usually means you cant land in cover, so if you want to charge anything you have to be in the open and vissable, which means your gunna be shot to pieces in your opponents turn... bad times, good equipemt, swap flying horror for dark acolyte, or infinate hatred and beguile to excel at challenges.

    3.its rod of flaming death btw, nice build but i find book of arkhan is a much better buy 10 times out of 10

    4.spears on skeletons is pointless, spears are used to kill the enemy with extra attacks, skeletons are there to not all die you you can hit them with something bigger... so save yourself 40 points and drop spears, and take advantage of magic banners, give one unit the warbanner for strait up +1 CR, and another Banner of the dead legion, for double unit str to always get the tasty outnumber bonus.

    5. musicians on undead infantry is a waste, true you dont want bloodknights losing frenzy and a model, but 1 skeleton and especially 1 zombie never matter due to raising, drop them.

    6. zombies, i never buy zombies because you can raise them for free so why waste valuable points on them? keep 1 unit for minimum core, but drop the other and just raise them in game.

    7.direwolf units are solid... nice units there.

    8.5 fell bats?? really? 3 is pelnty, remember they are infantry so you get D6 when you Invocation them anyway.

    9. the Blood knights, personally i prefer royal standard of strigos, hatred really does mean most fights are over on the turn you charge, but i usually take a BSB with drakenhof banner in the unit and lord on foot.

    advice as a whole? drop a load of the useless stuff, buy another vampire, or buy some extra units, preferabley skeletons, most solid unit in the game IMHO

    anyway i hope this helps, good luck in your games
    Last edited by Collins254; April 8th, 2010 at 10:46.
    Fantasy : Empire, Chaos Warriors, Chaos Daemons, Vampire Counts, Beastmen, High Elves, Lizardmen( but i have opinions on every army just not the money)
    40k: Black Templars, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Tau (thinking of Eldar)

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