me and a mate are off to a doubles tourney(hopefully still need to secure monies )

we are both using vampire counts so i will put both lists up here, we are going for an all ethereal lists.
army restrictions are must take 1 hero and 1 core, and can only take 1 special each and 1 rare between the team.


Vampire, Ethereal=150

10 skeletons, full command, cursed pendant of mousillion= 125 ( the reason was at just 10 skellies i had 45 points spare, so not enough for another wraith, or really anything else)

9 Cairn Wraiths, Tomb Banshee=475

mine is 750points exactly


Vampire, Ethereal=150
Vampire, Ethereal=150

10 Ghouls w ghast=88
5 dire wolves w doomwolf=50
5 direwolves w doom wolf=50

4 spirit hosts=260

my friends list is 748 points.

what do you think as a whole? we triend the list out against a mates 1500 chaos warriors and did very well, but are worried about demons. what do you guys think? need help asap

thanks in advance