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    2 Hard Boyz Death Star Army

    Taking a break from writing a paper. Here's two lists revolving around 2 different death star units, which one do you think is better?

    Drakenhoff Guard

    The Royal Family is all together. This unit is designed to stay alive. Vlad is the general with his nice ward save and ability to come back and Mannfred is there to resummon fallen comrades with his 6 power dice and his ability to generate more through kills and sacrificing wounds. Isabella will heal Mannfred if he sacrifices wounds or either if they are wounded normally. Zombie tarpits protect the flank, ghoul bunker behind house the Helm and the necro on the corpse cart providing bound spell support and protect the rear from flyers. Bats and Wraiths hunt small units/war machines, etc...

    Alternatively Isabella and/or Mannfred can hide in a rear ghoul bunker, in which case you will not need the nightmare for mannfred.

    Vlad Von Carstein

    Mannfred Von Carstein
    barded nightmare, crimson gem, skull staff

    Isabella Von Carstein

    Wight King
    BSB, Drakenhoff Banne, skelatal steed

    Grave Guard x30
    Full Command, HW and Shield, Royal Standard of Strigos (alt. Warbanner)
    Total: 1810 points

    Helm of Commandment, black periapt
    darky acolyte, summon ghouls

    staff of damnation (can replace with the book)
    extra spell: invocation and vanhel's
    corpse cart w/unholy lodestone

    Ghouls x20

    Ghouls x20

    Zombies x50

    Zombies x49

    Fell Bats x5

    Fell Bats x5

    Cairn Wraiths x5 +1 Tombe Banshee
    Total: 3498

    -15 Power Dice, 10 dispel Dice
    -Bunker is pretty well defended
    -51% of points that need concentrated effort to eliminate
    -no protection from flaming attacks
    -with their save rule of burning iron is a threat,
    -Everything except for the wraiths raise D6 at a time.
    -Fell bats can be increased to larger sized
    -Unit causes terror because of Vlad
    -Extra raising power with blood drinker
    -Extra magic with sword of unholy power and crimson gem
    -killing blow

    -No scrolls (could be alieviated by making the necro a scroll caddy)
    -Slow moving
    -Zombie flank protection could be ganged up on and destroyed relatively easy
    -No attacks higher than S5
    -Hatred only lasts one round, this unit is designed for the long haul (one reason I was considering the warbanner or the banner of the barrows instead)

    Blood Dragons
    Designed to kill fast, hard and stay alive doing it. Lined up 3x7 for maximum killage, Blood Knights are heavy calvary, frenzied (with all its benefits and short comings) and can tear through any unit on the table top. The two vampire lords are pretty durable, the general sporting a nice ward save as well as 20 models to take a challenge for him, the other Lord with a +1 armor save and 19 models to take a challenge for him if someone really dangerous comes along.

    Plus if anybody decides to allocate attacks to your general, the Kastellan and the dread lance lord and your general get to strike first (unless its a model on foot, in which case only one of them will be able to strike due to base sizes). This makes it quite unlikely to survive to strike the general in close combat.

    The dire wolves run screens for the blood knight unit and can tie up dargons and blood thirsters and the like for 2 rounds to allow the blood knights time to get in position.

    The staff of damnation vampire is in one unit of dire wolves that follows the blood knights, giving thme extra killy and providing a small counter charge unit if needed

    The other vampire and 2 necromancers hide out in the ghouls (the vampire's job is to raise the ghouls to bunker-worthy levels) and provide magic defense and support. The zombies are filler and provide a perimeter for the ghoul bunker.

    Vampire Lord (General)
    Blood Drinker, Crown of the Damned, night shroud
    Dread Knight, Walking Death, Infinite Hatred, Supernatural Horror
    extra magic level

    Vampire Lord
    Dread Lance, enchanted shield, Black Periapt
    Dread Knight, Red Fury, Beguile
    Extra magic Level

    Wight King
    BSB, Drakenhoff Banne, skelatal steed, Lance (BSB does not restrict carrying extra weapons as opposed to older books)

    Blood Knights x19
    Full Command, Banner of Blood Keep, Kastellan w/sword of kings
    Total: 2327

    Dark Acolyte, avatar of death (your choice)
    Staff of Damnation, Talisman of Lycni

    Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls
    Book of Arkhan

    Extra spell: invocation, vanhel's
    2x scrolls

    Extra spell: invocation, vanhel's
    2x scrolls

    10 Ghouls

    5x Dire Wolves x7
    Doom Wolf

    3x Zombies x20

    Total: 3500

    -66% of the army means the enemy has to deal with it
    -3 saves from most missile fire
    -extra save against ranged flaming attacks to compensate for regenerate
    -heavy calvary
    -chariot busting attacks
    -2 models with killing blow
    -General is hard to kill
    -4 dispel scrolls
    -14 power dice, 10 dispel dice

    -General is stupid
    -Unit is frenzied
    -No other support unit, this unit has to do it all
    -Only raises 1 model at a time
    -all other units are small
    -could be baited to charge a unit and overrun off board, every turn the blood dragons aren't killing something is a turn your opponent is saving victory points and killing your support units
    -support units are very vulnerable to missile fire

    Comments, questions, criticisms?

    Most Notable Achievements:
    Killed a Revenant Titan in one shot.
    Killed 900 pts worth of Blood Angels in 2 turns while only loosing 4 pts.

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    in your second list you have 7 character and the cap is 6.
    i would just say that blood knights could be baited and avoided and just gang up on your other units for easy victory points.

    your fist list i would change the GG banner to the banner of the barrows so hitting most people on 2 with the helm as well.
    but apart from that the fist list look good i might swap out the corpse cart for maybe another unit of crain wraiths of a vargulf to hold up the flanks more if your zombie tar pits get ganged up on and destroyed.

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    33 (x2)

    LIST 2:I agree, i would drop a necrmancer, and have the unit you got now dropped to 8 knights with bsb and lord with dreadlance, then add a unit of 9 with other vampire lord and standard of strigos, use spare points to buy some doomwolves for direwolf units, or some fell bats to assist them.
    Last edited by Collins254; April 30th, 2010 at 16:54.
    Fantasy : Empire, Chaos Warriors, Chaos Daemons, Vampire Counts, Beastmen, High Elves, Lizardmen( but i have opinions on every army just not the money)
    40k: Black Templars, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Tau (thinking of Eldar)

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