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    VC 2250: It all starts with the first attempt.

    Hey guys. I'm trying to put together a solid list for Vampire counts. I like to get a good one down before I start buying models so I know what to get. As well as feedback on the list... does anyone know what the right number of extra models is to have ready when raising extra models up with invocation? Just don't want to run out halfway into the game

    Well here goes:

    Vampire Lord- 390 pts
    Skull Staff
    Helm of Commandment
    Summon Creatures of the Night
    Flying Horror
    Lord of the Dead
    Dark Acolyte

    Lord of the Barrows-160 pts
    Wight King (Battle Standard Bearer)
    Skeletal Steed
    Sword of Kings

    Vampire- 193 pts
    Undead Nightmare
    Blood Drinker
    Infinite Hatred
    Avatar of Death

    23 Skeleton Warriors- 217 pts
    Standard Bearer
    Banner of the Dead Legion

    20 Skeleton Warriors- 60 pts

    20 Skeleton Warriors- 60 pts

    5 Dire Wolves- 40 pts

    5 Dire Wolves- 40 pts

    Corpse Cart- 100 pts
    Unholy Lodestone

    8 Black Knights- 218 pts
    Standard Bearer
    Banner of Hellfire

    3 Fell Bats- 60 pts

    3 Fell Bats- 60 pts

    5 Cairn Wraith- 275 pts
    Tomb Banshee (4 wraith, 1 banshee)

    Varghulf- 175 pts

    Casting Dice: 6
    Dispel Dice: 5
    General's Ld: 10

    Total Cost: 2248

    Trying for the magical bunker route with a nice escape route with the flying ability. Want to put the lord in the big unit with banner, and then put wight king and other vampire in with black knights for a solid hammer unit.

    Thanks so much for any feedback.

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    Very good solid list as far as i can see.
    If your going for the raising lots of men route with your general then i wouldnt bother with the skull staff (minimum 3+ to cast) it saves you 65 pts aswell, if you were to drop a wraith aswell, you could add in a necromancer maybe to ride the corpse cart?
    dunno not sure about that.
    however- your other vampire, drop avatar of death and the horse and just have Dread Knight, then you get barding for -3pts.
    other than that looks pretty solid

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