ok, i know how crazy it sounds and i guess i am not asking if it is balanced lol.

Vampire (Gen.)
walking death, dread knight, bloody hauberk

hell steed, dark acolyte, lord of the dead, enchanted shield, wristbands of black gold

skeletons x13
command, warbanner

zombies x20

dire wolves x5

blood knights x4
musician, standard, flag of bloodkeep

total 999pts

the idea is to have the bloodknights and general run around with the dogs and mess up whatever needs messing up while the other vamp avoids combat and making the skeleton and zombie units bigger while they advance. one issue i am considering is the blood knights running off the board, so the plan is to raise a unit of zombies behind the enemy just to act as a bumper. i am hoping that the 4+ ward is enough to keep all four blood knights on their horses unit they get into combat, if not the general should have a chance to bring them back. i know the list is kinda reckless, but i think it could be a lot of fun.
alternatively the general could be built as such (with the proper point reallocation)

nightmare, dark acolyte, avatar of death, bloody hauberk

this build should give me a better shot at any raising or healing, but i lose the combat resolution bonus, the lance, and one point of armour.

which general should i use? all around criticism? any ideas are welcome and appreciated.