Vampire Lord - 305
Forbidden Lore, skellies
Flayed, Tomb Blade

Vampire - 165
DKnight, Blood-drinker

Wight King - 170
BSB, Gem, Sword of Kings

40 Skellies - 365
CMD, War Banner

20 Zombies

5 Wolves

3 Bats

9 Black Knights (wight king goes here) - 327
Bardings, CMD, Banner of the Barrows

Black Coach

4 Blood Knights (Hero Vamp goes here) - 285
Musician, Standard, Hatred

Total: 1998

I think this is a very tough list..... Relatively hero light, but with 3 very hard units. Blood knights may loose all but one guy, but my hero will get the rest back, o and they fight in initiative order so they will still fight first even when they come back.... (unless I play elves).

Black Knights are a monster unit (and most of my points). But now that i get to attack with the riders in 2 ranks it's a pretty hard hitting unit. Plus my Wking is a super character killer as he'll hit characters on 3's (should hit 2/3) and then KB on a 5+ (very good chance if i hit with all dice).... O and he has a 2+ armour....

Finally my skellies won't b goin anywhere...... not while my vampire is killing ppl and turning them into skellies. O and did i mention that in the new lore of beasts my lord can become a Dragon......!!!!!

O and let's not forget the now overpowered Black Coach! What's that you generated 12 PD this turn and rolled 4 6s!!!! I'll have a flying ethereal monster in 2 turns almost guaranteed.