Vampire Lord
ogreblade, talisman of preservation, enchanted shield
avatar of death, infinite hatred, beguile, walking death
Zombie Dragon, magic level 3

sword of battle, black periapt, nightshroud
lord of the dead, dark acolyte

blood drinker
dread knight, beguile

Wight King
skeletal steed, sword of kings, dragon helm

Wight King
great weapon

Wight King
great weapon

Skeletons x41
Warbanner, Full Command

Skeletons x42
Banner of Endless Nightmare, Full Command

Grave Guard x20
Full Command, Great Weapons, Banner of the Barrows

Black Knights x7
full command, banner of hellish vigour

Blood Knights x4
musician, standard: royal standard of strigos

Following the concepts of my 7th edition 2250 list, idea is to punch the enemy in the face.

Idea is for grave guard to hold the center with skeleton hordes on either side of them. The vampire and wight kings will be in the units, vampire will go in a skele unit since nightshroud will still allow the enemy to strike before the grave guard.. knights flank, dragon will stay kinda near the blood knights to provide leadership for restrain frenzy or to screen if needed.