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    Acting XO of Tanith 1st MadLarkin's Avatar
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    2250 last 7th edition hurrah

    I know everybody is already on 8th but I'm playing in a tournament thats still using seventh edition this weekend.

    I also just got back from a tourney where I went 2-5 unfortunately with my combat vampires. Changing things up a bit as I found I could not deal with heavy skirmisher and flier armies. Dropped blood knights and some other things for black knights and cairn wraiths and replaced a dread knight/enchant shield vampire with a necromancer on a cart.

    Please tell me what you think.

    Vampire Lord
    Dread Lance, Crown of the damned
    beguile, dread knight, red fury

    nightshroud, sword of battle, talisman of protection
    dark acolyte, lord of the dead

    Flayed hauberk, talisman of lycni, sword of might
    dark acolyte, lord of the dead

    Necromancer on Corpse Cart
    balefire, book of arkhan, black periapt
    spell: vanhel's

    Skeletons x16
    Champion, Standard, Warbanner

    Skeletons x15

    Zombies x20

    Grave Guard x20
    Great Weapons, Seneschal, Standard, Royal Standard of Strigos

    Black Knights x5
    Barded, Full Command, Banner of Dead Legion

    4 Cairn Wraiths and 1 Tomb Banshee

    Most Notable Achievements:
    Killed a Revenant Titan in one shot.
    Killed 900 pts worth of Blood Angels in 2 turns while only loosing 4 pts.

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    So 7th rules, kk

    Drop Beguile, never works to well, for 25 pts you can prob get walking death, +1 combat res is pretty good.

    Vampire caster does not need nightshroud. Keep him away from combat and never accept challenges with him. If he does get attacked, give him some armour like Curvias or something. Nightshroud is good for vamps that hit hard and dont wanna get hit back.

    I dont like sticking vamps in squads of Black Knights, they lose Etheral movement. I would prob switch back to Blood Knights honestly. Black knights usually are a unit that is annoying to deal and pack just enough of a punch to kill small unit. They are not a game maker like blood's.

    Drop zombies, In 7th there is no reason to field a zombie sqaud because they r so easy to raise.Switch them to more Skeles or ghouls for monster hunting. Skeles work as bunkers better and with so many LOTD it will help. Ghouls can help your knights, and run down flanks with wraiths.

    I try to keep my wraiths down to min, just 3 wraiths and banshee. Taking away a wraith will save you some pts to spend else where, and i find that people either can kill wraiths or cant. No need to buff unit, plus more guys means easier to be charged so keep them light and abuse her scream.
    Last edited by ZombieCancer; August 2nd, 2010 at 21:19.
    Good Luck and have fun!

    8th Ed WOOT

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