So I have started to put together a 1000pts vampire count list but imo in 8th edition it is really hard to create a strong list... Dark elves are easy to put together a solid list and win with but there are just so many things in vampire counts that at low levels are not as powerful as their cost would indicate.

Who knows maybe I'm wrong but here goes this is what I have so far.

vampire /w forbidden lore (light) + the flayed hauberk + luckstone

necromancer /w vanhel's danse macabre + powerstone

30x crypt ghouls /w crypt ghast

31x grave guard /w full command

5x fell bats


My thoughts behind this list are pretty much this. At a max of 250pts is not enough to make a lord viable at this point level. I quite like the vampire since + levels only add to the number of spells you have and the +bonus to spellcasting. With forbidden lore he knows all the spells from light so can grab the +6 spell that gives -1 to all hit for CC and ranged and warmachines 4+ cant shoot at it. He has a 2+ save with 1 re-roll if he fails. Necromancer is there just to have a second caster who can cast invok or vanhel's, he has a powerstone to help him get it off which is important and I will say why soon.

The crypt ghouls are probably the only core choice I would take if I had too, not sure if I should run them 5 wide 6 deep or 10 wide 3 deep. Probably depends on what army I am up against.

The grave guard I am going to run 10wide, 3deep the reason being between the vampire and the necromancer there are 3 different spells I can cast to give them strike first. This combined with 30x str4 attacks with either +1 attack or re-roll to hits or WS10 depending on what spell I can get off should make this unit at least a decent hard hitter.

Fell bats are there just to hunt warmachines or lone wizards so I don't get spanked by those as much.

So what do you guys think? I'm thinking this list will probably still lose to a few of the lists at this points level but maybe the large units will be big enough to give the enemy a run for their money. Also they are all infantry'ish so at least raising will be easier.

Any advice you can give me to not getting face-rolled at this level any things that have worked really well for you at this points range?