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    2000 points of vampyric warriors of the netherworld.

    Okay, I've got a few of the models for this list, but I want to make sure its a good one before I dish out money for more, as the models I have are by my understanding a core part of every army.

    So Lords: 450
    Vampire Lord w/ +1 Wizard Level, Dark Acolyte, Forbidden Lore (vampires), Lord of the Dead, The Cadaverous Cuirass, Tomb Blade, Talisman of Protection, Enchanted Shield, The Gem of Blood.

    Heroes: 465
    Necromancer w/ Invocation of Nehek, Raise Dead, Sceptre de Noirot, Dispel Scroll.
    Necromancer w/ Invocation of Nehek, Vanhel's Danse Macabre, Raise Dead, Staff of Damnation.
    Vampire w/ Walking Death, Avatar of Death, Helm of Commandment, Enchanted Shield, Biting Blade, BSB.

    Core: 870
    30 Skeletons: Spears, Full Command.
    30 Skeletons: Spears, Full Command.
    30 Skeletons: Spears, Full Command.

    Rare: 225
    4 Cairn Wraiths: Tomb Banshee.

    Total: 1995

    Whaddya think guys?
    Plans are to stick Vamp lord ina unit of skeletons and cast IoN on them a couple times before I get into CC, use tomb blade to keep them alive.
    Or would it be a better idea to get the BSB to get different magic items and end up w/ tomb blade?

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    Your lord needs some serious reworking. He has two talismans and two armors. You're only allowed one of each. Also the point cost of the enchanted shield is wrong, you have to use the cost in the VC army book, becasue individual army books always override the main BRB.

    The enchanted shield is listed as being used on two characters, and it can only be used once per army, so again, it will have to be dropped from one of the two vampires.

    Your first necromancer is also guilty of carrying to items of the same type, so you'll have to ditch either the scroll or the sceptre.

    Otherwise, here are some thoughts on the list:

    To fix the above problems, I'd drop the gem of blood and enchanted shield from your lord. I usually face people that expect vampires to be hard as nails (which they often are) so they come at me with all grades of no armor save allowed stuff. Stacking the armor save never does me well, so I'd just rely on the ward save.

    I would lose the necro with staff. You've got plenty of casters, and with the way magic works now you won't need that one more invocation guy. I'd also toss the scroll on the first necro (to make it legal). You've got a lvl 4 wizard, so anything you can't just dispell on him is probably irresistable anyway.

    If you're using skeletons because thats what you have, ok. But Ghouls are much better I think. Same cost (cheaper since you're using spears), and they get higher WS/A/I/T/LD and have poison. Even with spears, you're getting the same number of attacks as you would from an equal size unit of ghouls. Sure, they don't have a standard and they have no save, but the T4 and double attacks really makes up for it. Less losses, more kills. Either way, I'd stilll drop one unit of skeletons in favor of some grave guard.

    Take the helm of commandemnt off your BSB. It's only effective if the wearer isn't in combat, and you want your BSB in combat to get the bonuses, not to mention he's a vampire with pretty good base stats. You can save yourself some points by doing that too. The helm is best saved for a non-combat Vampire Lord. Keep him in a bunker unit behind the main action and just project his WS forward.

    Grave guard with banner of the barrows is amazing. As it stands, anything with a decent armor save will tear you up. By fixing the above mistakes, and dropping a thing here and there you can easily make a unit of 20 of these guys and still have almost 200 points left over. Toss in a vargulf to eat up the extra points and you should still be a few points under 2000 with two big blocks of skeletons, a unit of grave guard, 3 casters (including a lvl4), a vargulf, and some ethereal wraiths running around. I think that'd be quite effective.

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