Hi guys,

I just started a local campaign with my friend's VCs. The campaign has random secenarios (so, the goal ain't only to obliterate the opponent) and after each game, we cumulate pts win or loss in order to buy new equipment/units that we can swap from our actual list, 1500 pts limit.

Here's the list I thought I'd start with, so far my match has been against the owner of the VCs and I won (twice actually), but considering he was playing Tomb Kings, I'd like further reviews.

Vamp Lord, Red Fury, Forbidden Lore (beast), summon ghouls, Flayed Hauberk, Blood Drinker. 365

Vamp with Forbidden Lore (Vamp), summon Ghouls, Helm of commandment, Black Periapt. 195

Wight King, BsB, Strigos. 135

30 Ghouls, ghast. 248

20 Ghouls, ghast. 168

21 Grave Guards, GWs, Full command, Barrows. 348

I know that my ghoul squads are rather large, but that's to 1) benefit from blood drinker in my Lord squad 2) survive through heavy shooting/magic without sufficient summons if it ever happens. I could have saved some points with min sized units, but I decided to take the ''friendly'' approach, even though the list stick good together. My main fears are WOC, because they can take a punch and give one, and shooty enough armies to take a whole squad in a single turn (which shouldn't happen too often given my squad sizes).

I was thinking about accumulating 350 pts to buy a small squad of wraiths with a banshee and a Vargulf, and swap my GG for both if I feel like it.