I'm playing my buddy who works at the LGS Sunday. He is using a Dwarf list tailored to beat up the Vamps so I'm expecting lots of dispel dice, +6 to dispel, Organ Guns, Flaming/Magical cannons, lots of shooting, an unkillable Dwarf Lord on shields, ect. To combat this, I dropped my rares and came up with a pretty nasty list. It's probably pretty good against anything else too except Skaven, Elves, or WOC (High Int armies).

Vampire Lord General - Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Ogre Blade, Flayed Hauberk, Crown of the Damned
Vampire Lord - Summon Ghouls, Forbidden Lore Vampires, Ghoulkin, Helm of Commandment, Black Periapt, Talisman of Preservation (4++)

Wight King - Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Banner of Blood Keep
Vampire - Forbidden Lore Death, Talisman of Lycni, Power Scroll
Vampire - Hellsteed, Infinite Hatred, Dread Knight, Dragonhelm, Wristbands of Black Gold
Konrad von Carstein
Vampire - Forbidden Lore Shadow, Armour of Night, Power Stone

35 Ghouls
35 Ghouls
30 Skeletons - Standard Bearer, Musician
3 Fell Bats

29 Grave Guard - Great Weapons, Full Command, Banner of the Barrows

Total - 2999pts

The only change I might make is take out Ghoulkin and drop the Ward Save down to some cheaper type of protection for Master of the Black Arts, then swap Infinite Hatred on the Hellsteed Vampire for Ghoulkin.
I'll play against Empire for practice before Sunday so I'll see how it plays out.
Any thoughts?