Neferata’s 3500pts Royal Cohort of the Undying Blood:
Neferata, Blood Queen of Ancient Lahmia. Vampire Lord w/Hand weapon. Level 3 Wizard.
Aura of Dark Majesty, Forbidden Lore – Lore of Light.
Biting Blade, Nightshroud, Crown of the Damned, Staff of Damnation.
Cost; 440 pts
*joins the Grave Guard*

Nafaria the Betrayer, Vampire w/Hand weapon. Level 1 Wizard.
Dread Knight w/Lance, Heavy armour, Shield, Barded Nightmare.
Battle Standard Bearer, Banner of Blood Keep.
Cost; 225 pts
*joins the blood knights*

Neferru Darkborn, Vampire w/Hand weapon. Level 1 Wizard.
Forbidden Lore – Lore of Metal.
Tomb Blade, The Flayed Hauberk.
Cost; 185 pts
*joins Ptra's Golden Cohort*

Nymuway Shadow-wing, Vampire w/Hand weapon, Hellsteed. Level 1 Wizard.
Forbidden Lore – Lore of Vampires.
Wristbands of Black Gold, Spellshield.
Cost; 205 pts

Selwynn’maat, Keeper of the Lost Histories. Necromancer w/Hand weapon, Nightmare.
Level 1 Wizard. Invocation of Nehek, Vanhel’s Danse Macabre.
Obsidian Trinket.
Cost; 100 pts
*joins blood knights*

Ladon the Damned One, Wight Lord w/Hand weapon, Additional Hand weapon, Heavy armour.
Helm of Discord, The Other Trickster’s Shard.
Cost; 128 pts
*joins grave guard*

Core Units:
Ptra’s Golden Cohort; 48 Skeleton Warriors w/Hand weapon, Spear, Light armour, Shield.
Standard Bearer w/Banner of Hellfire.
Cost; 462 pts

The Hawk-God’s Legion; 35 Skeleton Warriors w/Hand weapon, Light armour, Shield.
Standard Bearer w/War Banner.
Cost; 321 pts

The Falcon’s Warhost; 20 Skeleton Warriors w/Hand weapon, Light armour, Shield.
Standard Bearer w/Icon of Vengeance.
Cost; 193 pts

Special Units:
The Blessed Host of Aten‘Re; 33 Grave Guard w/Hand weapon, Great weapon, Heavy armour.
Standard Bearer w/Banner of the Barrows.
Cost; 504 pts

6 Fell Bats.
Cost; XX pts

Rare Units:

The Infernal Order of Amun’Ra; 6 Blood Knights w/Hand weapon, Lance, Heavy armour, Shield, Barded Nightmare.
Dark Knight w/Balefire Spike.
Standard Bearer w/Royal Banner of Strigos.
Cost; 415 pts

The Black Coach. Cairn Wraith w/Great weapon, 2x Barded Nightmares.
Cost; XX pts

Trying for something a little different to the normal 3 or so VC builds! I'm also out to prove that skellies are useful! (a true challenge to most...)
The characters for the most part, I'm aiming for combos that aren't really seen much, hoping that they'll throw a curveball at any opponents since most people expect almost identicle cookie-cutter build from us! For example, the wight king guarding the lord is ment to take the enemy character right out of the fight itself with his helm + -1Ld from AoDM...

as for the battleplan, the center is formed by the wights w/spear hoard & deep ranked sword & board to either flank. 20 strong skellies hide behind the lines.
bloodbus & coach go up the flank, with the bats providing a screen for the knights who also get a 4+/2+ save vs missile/magic!

i know i always rail against the tomb blade! but if 99% of VC players say its a good thing, i'll give it a try?!

as for magic, i've got light & metal for buffing the infantry line, while the hellsteed thrall flits about casting SUH at a point in the enemy's rear lines that will cause no end of problems! she's protected by a 3+/2+ ward for shooting/magic and with her speed, she should be able to keep out of combat...

thanks for looking! comments/suggestions always welcome!