Another go at the Zombified Theme (i.e. follow rules for Skeletal units but visually Zombie-esque). Only this time I grab a Combat-based Vampire, whom is only slightly based around the Death Knights of Warcraft 3.

- Sword of Swift Slaying
- Dread Knight

- Sceptre de Noirot
- Extra Spell (Raise Dead)

"30x Skeleton Warriors"
- Full Command

"30x Skeleton Warriors"
- Spears, Full Command

"20x Crypt Ghouls"
- Ghast

"14x Black Knights"
- Barding, Full Command

"3x Fell Bats"

Points Total: 1495

At first I wasn't too sure where I wanted to go with this incarnation. At first I was thinking of going for a straight up mass Ghouls akin to Warcraft 3, but then it wouldn't technically be a "Zombified" army since it would be mostly Ghouls. Still, I figured at least one regiment of the ghastly corpse-eaters wouldn't be a bad idea for additional attacks.

In the meantime, I purposefully limited what I spent on characters; I was more concerned with having a fairly balanced army with as large enough of a horde of infantry that I could possibly get. Can't get any more than two hordes when Skeletons cost as much as a Dwarf Warrior without upgrades.

Any ideas as to revising the list or expanding it further?