Hey i'm a returning warhammer player, i would say i am an experienced gamer however have not played under the new rules but i have had a very quick skim, from what i gather until VC's are re-done we are a little on the back foot. need help constructing as competitive an army as the book allows, its a very high standard of gamer i play with and instead of shelving them until the get a re wright i am stubborn and ONLY play vampires in FB and tyranids in 40k dont care if new rule books or matt ward tries to ruin it for my army they are what they are and i wont change!

what i have to play with:

loads of Vampires- foot-mounted& and flying beasts
30 grave guard
28 blace knights
30 dire wolf
15 bloodknights
corpse cart
2 vargulf
black coatch
tonns of skellys with HW+s and S+S
loads of zombies
6 Waiths and a banshee
10 spirithost bases

willing to buy stuff but would like as much as possible from the current stock.

Advice from an experienced VC general under current rules will be very much appreciated

Thanks in advance for your time.http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...cons/icon7.gif