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    LIST BUILDING points 1500 and 2000 help needed thanks.

    Not sure if you guys have this but over on the Tyranid thread we have a list builder. you request the points size and the models you have and people post back there 5 cent!

    need help creating a competitive vampire counts list, i game with a very high standard of gamers but i am returning to square bases after a stint away, i have not played under the new system however have had a quick glance at the rules, and from what i can see VC's have been effected in a very negative way, this said i will only play vampires in FB and tyranids in 40k so tough shiit for me if new rule books or Matt ward try to ruin my armys, thats life!

    I have :

    loads of vampires, BSB mounted and foot, mounted, on wing beasts, on dragons and with every weapon combo goin!

    blood knights 20 ( ooooo yes the metal buggers that are soooo hard to fit together, dam you fine cast coming out after i have them!)
    28 black knights
    30 grave guard
    30 dire wolves
    corpse cart
    tonns of skellys with mixed weapons
    tones of zombies
    9 bases of spirit host
    6 wraiths + banshee
    black coach

    basically most of the book (no ghouls sadly, sold loads of stuff off when they changed the rule book)

    will buy some stuff however would like to used as much as poss from the above stock!

    point size wanted i want both a 1500pt and 2000pt list

    any help from expericed general under the new rules would be great

    thanks ahead to reply posts

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    Here is a list I have been using recently.

    Vampire Lord - Master of the black arts, forbidden lore (vampire), summon ghouls, cadaverous cuirass, helm of commandment, wristbands of black gold, earthing rod 455
    Vampire - Flayed Hauberk, Dispel Scroll, Forbidden Lore (Light,) Summon Ghouls 200
    Necromancer - Extra Spell (Invocation, Vanhel's) 70
    25 Ghouls - Ghast 208
    25 Ghouls - Ghast 208
    20 Skeletons - Full CC, Licheborne Pennant 195
    28 Grave Guard - Full CC, Banner of the barrows 439

    A list that won me a local tournament... But as you lack ghouls you can try to replace light with beasts, and the ghouls for skeletons and take the fire banners.

    Skeletons are now useless thanks to fear sucking . Ghouls are still good though. Light and beasts can be swapped round how you like it, at the moment I am loving beasts with my ghoul spam.

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