I have a 3000 point Vlad V Grimgor game coming up. please C&C my list. first 8th ed game with them. i don't have anymore GG figures and don't like to proxy if i can help it. I have black knights(10), Black Coach, blood knights(5), Corpse cart and loads of spirit bases to change to if needed. plus I could make my core units bigger by sacrificing other units.

Lords 740
Vamp lord, Lord of dead, Crown of commandment

Heroes 425
Wight King BSB, GW, Drakenhoff Banner
Vamp, Infinite hatred, Summon Ghouls, Sword of might, Flayed Hauberk

Core 908
29 Ghouls + Ghast (with vamp hero)
31 SKellies + Banner, Musician
20 Skellies + Banner
19 Skellies + Champ (bunker unit)
10 Direwolves

special 402
19 Grave Guard, great weapons, full command, Banner of the Barrows (with vlad and Bsb)
4 fell bats (war machine hunter)

rare 525
3 Cairn Wraiths + Tomb Banshee (draw out fanatics but prob use raised zombies for that))
2 Varghulfs