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    Ethereal themed list

    Lords: 280
    Heroes: 365
    Core:: 500
    Special: 455
    Rare: 400

    Vampire lord, spectral form, infinite hatred

    Vampire, spectral form
    Vampire, spectral form

    30 Skeletons, hand weapon and sheild, musician, champion
    30 ghouls, ghast

    7 spirit host

    8 cairn wraiths

    I was just thinking that it'd be a fun idea to have a couple of huge ghosty units with some character-aided punch to put a hole in some hordes, thoughts anyone? This is my first vampire counts list and I haven't got any models for it yet so i'm totally open to changes!


    Come on guys, 124 views and not one single reply?

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    I like the idea and I think it will be fun to try, but the only thing is it's kinda like playing rock, paper, scissors. Certain armies will roll this due to their high magic or lots of units with magic attacks, while others will still fair fairly well as ethereal units aren't that great at overcoming CR most of the times.

    But, I still think it will be fun, so the changes I would try is add avatar of death to your lord, he needs some sort of armor and better weaponry will help a lot. I'd also make him a level 3 as you need it especially to try and dispel your opponents magic.

    I'd some spirit hosts and maybe go 2 units of 5 wraiths, they're much better.

    Check out the new rules for hero level banshees and cairn wraiths, replace those hero vamps as these new ones do ethereal better. They can join your core units or add onto your already ethereal units, and are much cheaper.

    Hero wise this is what I'd run:

    Vampire Lord
    Spectral form, infinite Hatred, Avatar of Death, extra magic level

    2x Tomb Banshees

    3x Cairn Wraiths

    Steal points away from spirit hosts to accomplish this, mix with the normal cairn wraith units or your core. A hint for cairn wraiths, 2 in a core unit is great as you can limit the number of attacks taking in return (put 2 to one flank if they have equal frontage and eliminate a model, if they have wider frontage put them on either flank and it'll eliminate 2 models attacks)
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    Ill start by saying I dont know the rules for the new hero banshees and cairn wraith, but an all out etheral simply doesnt work due to these reasons:
    Spirit hosts will be stuck in combat against something with a good armoursave, and they will be stuck for the entire battle unable to do anything with their str 3 attacks against some 1-2+ AS guys (perhaps even a character)
    Your etheral vampires looks good on paper, but will be slaughtered either by enemy characters with 100point of magic items, or magic. Cairn wraths with a tomb banshee can be pretty terrifying to play against (especially that scream! oh how I HATE her scream! ) but again, if you get charged by some cavery of some sort with a 1-2+ AS you are stuck for several turns.
    Simply by charging your etherals with something with good armoursave, you can negate the majority of the army with only a fraction of the pointcost of all your etheral.

    my brother played an army very simular to this a few nights ago against my WoC. we tend to be fairly even players and usually have very close games, but this one was a completly slaughter in my favour.
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