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    2500 Point Vampire Counts Build - Suggestions Please

    Hey everyone, building a 2500 point VC army to play in an up coming campaign tournament. Was hoping to post my build and get some feedback. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated - thanks for checking it out!

    Lord - (620pts Vampire Lord on a Zombie Dragon
    Upgrades - Armor of Destiny, Blood Drinker, Red Fury

    Hero's - (210pts Vampire on a Hellsteed
    Upgrades - Dispel Scroll, The Other Tricksters Shard, Dread Knight, Supernatural Horror

    - (910pts Vampire Standard Bearer on Nightmare in Unit of 9 Blood Knights (w/Kastellan)
    Upgrades - Dread Knight, Supernatural Horror, The Drakenhof Banner
    *Blood Knight Magic Banner - Royal Standard of Strigos
    *Blood Knight Kastellan Upgrade - Sword of Kings

    Core - (412pts) Zombie Horde (100 models w/musician+standard)
    (352pts) Zombie Horde (85 models w/musician+standard)

    Total Build - 2499pts

    Any Ideas or suggestions please send em my way, thanks again for the read!

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    It looks like a fun & highly themed list which is refreshing to see, but honestly I can't see it doing well at all;

    a) the general on his dragon is asking for it. 1 cannon ball to the face can easily be game-over. In 8th ed, characters on monstrous mounts just don't work sadly because of how war machines hit both rider & mount! Plus, you never want your undead general on his own, he belongs in a unit that can support him!

    b) zombies suck plain and simple. You have no real augment spells at all, and a unit of I1/T2 unstable grunts is the worst possible unit in the entire game!!! Anything remotely fighty will chew that unit up and you'll be hard-pressed to raise back enough of 'em with only a Lv2 at best.
    Plus, you can't use zombies to support another unit, because your opponent will just hit the zombies for the easy combat res and then all your units will crumble away...
    Hell, you can't even support the deadheads with characters!

    c) BSB's belong on wight kings because they're alot tougher than thralls. (T5/W3 vs T4/W2? yes please!)

    d) There's nothing to screen the blood knights. Every single missile shot & magic spell will be aimed at them. Good luck dispelling with only a Lv2...

    e) Why do both mounted vamps have terror? Besides, you don't want your target running away likely laving you a sitting duck! Infinite hatred is better.

    f) WHERE'S YOUR MAGIC?!!! Seriously, no way to ensure at least Vanhel's is suicidal... Magic is still a fundamental part of our army, ignoring it is just saying you want to fight with both hands tied behind your back.
    Necros are awsome in 8th. Cheap, can buy their spells, (invo & vanhel's being the important ones), and can be used to 1D6 spam invocation to help keep your legions going.
    A vampire with forbidden lore is soooooo welcoming this edition considering how nerfed we are. All those lovely augment spells in the BRB lores really helps to make-up for the fact so many of our units are insanely over-costed now...

    Sorry to be so harsh, but if you want to see how fast you can crumble, then run this list, but don't expect miracles out of it...
    You'd better off sticking to some support casters, at least 1 unit of ghouls, a vargulf or two, maybe a black coach, a wight king BSB and skeletons in place of zombies if you don't want to go ghoul-nutts! Grave guard are also an auto-include, but you can get away with a proper bloodbus build in their place...

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    If you want your lord on a dragon you really have to build your army around it. By this I mean supporting units like fell bats or varghulfs that can keep up with him and tag team enemy units.

    And 626 is right, zombies are fun to build and paint but never rely on the to actually kill anything without augment. If you had a magic heavy list then zombies are awesome because there are some sweet buffs out there. But in a combat list I'd stick with ghouls or skeletons. Plus it gives a unit to run to if your vamp lord gets dismounted.

    Also you need more units. Right now your unit only has 2 threats. The zombies are nothing more than an annoyance or a potential tarpit if the unit only has 1 attack (multiple attack units won't be held up for long as any kill against a zombie is essentially a double kill). That makes target priority very easy for your enemy. Especially with your general sticking out like that, there needs to be more targets out there.
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