Right, well, its in the title - I'm playing against TK and WoC with this list on saturday and want some opinions

Lords - 320

Vampire Lord
+Dark Acolyte
+Forbidden Lore (Vampires)
+Talisman of Preservation
+Charmed Shield

Heroes - 490

+Forbidden Lore (Metal)
+Helm of Commandment


Konrad Von Carstein

Core - 501

45 Skellies
+Full Command
+Hellfire Banner

12 Ghouls

Special - 290

10 Black Knights
+Full Command




So, my opponents will be using Chaos Warriors, and Tomb Kings. I'm looking forwards to the WoC player less, since he'll be bringing a pair of Hellcannons... and a bucketload of Marauders - we're not that adept at dealing with Hordes.

Heres the general plan, anyway -

Skellies deploy 5x9 with the Vampire Lord, Konrad and 2 Wraiths. Wraiths sit on each corner, denying some attacks. Konrad pushes forward once I'm in combat - I know he's not fantastic as a Hero choice, but I've discovered this unit doesn't work at all without a model to cause more than one or two wounds, and the stupidity is seldom a problem (even if I do fail, the Lord can still cast afaik and the unit isn't designed to be particularly mobile, I deploy in one corner and stay there). Based on the rules for Character placement in units, the Lord will never be in the front rank unless two Heroes die, which should be difficult provided I'm intelligent about who and what I go into challenges with (and I'l have complete control about the challenges against the WoC).

Vampire sits in the Ghouls unit with a Wraith. These are just a bunker, and the Wraith will charge out of the unit to bog down a monster for the game once they get here. If they go for them, that is. I figured the HoC was of more use on the Vampire thrall than the Lord, since I want the Skelly unit to be on the receiving end of the higher WS, and the general will be in combat with them.

Black Knights guard one flank of the Skellies, and charge in front of them to hopefully cause some wounds before the WoC get in. Or, just pull a flank charge once the Skellies have been charged, whichever seems a better option at the time.

Terrorgheist is a somewhat under-rated choice, and I'll concede they're fragile. But - Highly mobile with the Varghulf babysitting, and the pair can pack a punch. Plus, I love the model - he's plain epic to plonk down on the table. But thats just my self indulgence - feel free to suggest replacing with a Varghulf, I'm considering doing so if I can get my hands on another one before Saturday. Especially since I'm very conscious of the Hellcannons and the Casket of Souls/SSC's, I've seen those cause some sever (un)death!

Cheers all for any responses.