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    3500 Two 'Ard Boyz list-close combat and magic heavy

    Me and some friends are each making two 'ard boyz lists to play against each other in a mini-tournament. We will randomly decide which list to play each game.

    The Blood Dragons

    Vampire Lord (General)
    Sword of Strife, Crown of the Damned, Night Shroud, Potion of Foolhardiness
    Red Fury, Dread Knight, Infinite Hatred

    Vampire Lord
    Blood Drinker, Staff of Damnation, Power Stone
    Forbidden Lore (Beasts), Dread Knight, Dark Acolyte, Extra Magic Level

    Wight King
    BSB: Drakenhoff, Barded Skeletal Steed, Lance

    Dread Knight, Walking Death
    Sword of Swift Slaying, Dispel Scroll

    Red Fury
    Flayed Hauberk, Dawn Stone, Nightmare

    Master of the Black Arts
    Feedback Scroll

    Ghouls x46

    Ghouls x46

    Skeletons x20
    Full Command

    Black Knights x20
    Full Command, Barding, Royal Standard of Strigos

    Black Coach

    3497 points

    Ghouls hold the flanks, Black Knights contain all the characters for a massive calvary unit that has a static CR of +6 and a full front rank of characters (the make way rules allow characters to replace the command in the front rank once they're in combat), black coach supports, skeles are a bunker.


    Mannfred Von Carstein
    Skull Staff, Crimson Gem, Nightmare

    Vampire Lord
    Dark Acolyte, Forbidden Lore (Light)
    Power Stone

    Isabella Von Carstein

    Wight King
    BSB: Drakenhoff

    Skeletons x17
    Full Command, Warbanner

    Skeletons x20
    Full Command, Banner of Endless nightmare, spears

    Skeletons x15
    Full Command, Banner of Hellfire

    Skeletons x15 (bunker)
    Full Command, Lichebone Pendant

    Zombies x41

    Corpse Cart

    Grave Guard x35
    Full Command, GW, Banner of the Barrows

    Varghulf x2

    Terrorgheist x2

    3499 points

    Zombies set up a fishing net screen in front while Mannfred beefs up the numbers of the skeletons. This list is designed to win the battle of attrition and outnumber the opponent with multiple large units.

    Varghulf and a terrorgheist each make a team, dealing with flankers and flyers while wrecking shop on their own.

    Most Notable Achievements:
    Killed a Revenant Titan in one shot.
    Killed 900 pts worth of Blood Angels in 2 turns while only loosing 4 pts.

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    I thought ard boyz is 3000 pts

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