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    Help needed with 1K competitive

    forbidden lore (beasts)
    summon ghouls
    charmed shield

    Wight King

    Ghouls (31) w/ghast

    Grave Guard (eighteen)
    FC, GW

    Fell Bats (3)


    This should be just shy of 1K (from memory).


    Wight King in ghouls front and center (hoard formation) with vamp on the corner (if enemy has scouts/skirmishers) or else he is deployed alone and behind the ghouls. GG (6 wide) will go alongside ghouls while fell bats screen the Varghulf as they hunt warmachines (if any) along a flank.

    In the initial turns vamp will 2dice invocate the ghouls to attempt bulking out to 40+ and save last 3dice to cast wyssans on GG to help reduce shooting casualties, requiring less invoaction on them to repair. When Ghouls block hits, vamp will attempt wyssans on the ghouls to help with dealing with armored opponents. Ghast to accept challenges while Wight adds combat res fighting rank and file. On my turn, if wight can get the +3attack/+3strength buff he will challenge to hopefully swing the battle.

    I'm giving up vanhels to fit in lore of beasts, but I did make an alternate list where the vamp also has the book of arkan but I had to drop summon ghouls, and the magic items. Wight has 3+save, 6++parry, 2++against flaming. I like summon ghouls power too much to be without it, or is in this case is it worth giving it up for the book(VDM)? I want to keep the wight so I need to decide.

    What do you guys think?

    Last edited by Zombie Bill Murray; October 5th, 2011 at 23:27. Reason: GG have GW

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