Hi guys,

First time im posting on this section of the forum, i have been playing vampire counts now for over 5 years. But with this new 8th edition rules it really is a pain in the ass.
Rumours about a new release in januari has given me new energy to play.

Oke so here my list:

Vampire lord, Forbidden lore (Shadow), MoBa, Summon ghouls, Damned crown, Dispel scroll, Warrior bane - 370

wight king, Battle standard bearer, hellfire banner - 110
Necromancer (vanhells dace macabre)- 55

35 ghouls champ - 288
10 ghouls - 88

29 graveguard, command (minus musicon), gw, strigos banner 436

3 cairn wraiths - 150

total: 1497

Oke, so i got two horde units and one bunker unit in the back for my vampire and necromancer. The wight king joins the GG for extra fighting punch, +1 combat result and magical flaming attacks. the cairn wraiths protect my flanks and rear. vampire lord can join the GG depending on which enemy im facing, but im having no good experience fighting with my lord in the new rules.

Summon ghouls to boost my blocks when needed (depens on enemy im facing) and lore of shadows to weaken the enemy.

So what do you guys think?