So I had my first game this past week it was a four person game 1500 points each. Skaven and vampire counts vrs high elves and empire.

Here is my list with reasons

38 skeletons - full command screaming banner. I was hoping this would cause some panic fails.
Stuck lvl 2 necromancer master of dead. With iron curse with skeletons

5 dire wolf doom wolf
5 dire wolf
20 zombies. Was using them to provide soft cover, and it worked even better. Empire player wasted a shot on them

3 vargheists. These didn't really do much in the game I had to protect them till turn three and by then the battle was decided.

20 grave guard - full command banner of barrows. This banner is great
1 wight king - nightshroud. This item was great vrs high elves. Plus it helps this lord out as well
1 vampire lord - dread knight, quickblood, giant blade, heavy armour, talisman of endurance. Dread knight is a mixed bag. A smart player will accept the challenge with their champion to slow you down. This guy will eat up hero's and the like. The new hunger is fun it went off twice.

Corpse cart. I've always liked this model and like the rule rework. It was nice to get the combat bonus from it. I wasn't sure how to best use it so I stuck it behind gg and beside skeletons. Like I said before I ran zombies in front and wheeled them out of the way for a charge. Worked great

As an after note. I noticed bat swarms would also provide always strikes last. I might have to try them out

Also I miss the ghouls but at 1500 points went with skeletons to bring max numbers.

So new book one win. Nice start. Btw the skaven army was great the warp fire cannon and the 13th spell should get lots of credit.