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    Vampire Counts 2000 - friendly

    Hello VC players

    I just had my first solo game with the new book. Just wanted to share the list and a few insights, I just finished painting Krell and the Mortis Engine so they were a must in the list.

    26 Grave Guard - Full Command - Banner of the Barrows - Great Weapon
    Heinrich Kemmler
    Krell Lord of Undeath

    Good - This unit was set up to take on death stars with the support of the Fell bats - this never happened as it was taken out top of Round two when Teclis cast Mindrazor on his big unit of always strikes first re-rolls misses and Str 8 attacks... lost everything on combat resolution.
    Bad - Krell really needed to have a decent magic phase which I didnít get, he went up against a dragon and did nothing - I was hoping to give him re-rolls to hit.

    28 Crypt Ghouls
    Good - These guys were great as usual, I did change it up and run them 5 wide didnít take enough to run 10 and I was really worried about the HE always strikes first

    31 Skeleton Warriors - Full Command - Screaming Banner
    Good - Cheep and I was hoping to boost this unit up at least twice before combat but never got a chance - My one magic phase saw me with 3 dice and the HE with 6 dispel dice.
    Bad - I think the banner was a waste of points. This unit was only going to win on combat resolution if could keep enough ranks

    Mortis Engine - Blasphemous Tome
    Good - This only had one round of attacks but I rolled nice for the random attacks and saw it do some ok damage, the regen was great
    Bad - Not sure how to play this really should it just support or move into the front lines more? Is 6+ regen on 2 or 3 unitsí worth the points cost?

    2 Bat Swarm
    Good - These were great fast and gave Always strikes last
    Bad - Have to be within 12' of general so you can move them out turn 1 but donít move to far or you may miss the counter charge.

    Corpse Cart
    Good - I think the re-write for this unit is great gives nice bonus to take it. With the old rules I never used it now it seems like a must have.
    Bad - Same as the Mortis Engine should it sit back for support or is moved into combat sooner?

    5 Hex wraiths
    Good - The pass thru effect was great and you could totally get away with this tactic a few times, but bring to much ethereal and your opponents are going to bring some cheep items or caster to take them down easy.
    Bad - Well not the units fault but when the General died I lost them in one round... plus with most fast cav can run and reform from a charge these guys have the undead rule so would have to stay and fight. Plus the pass thru effect only hits one unit. So most likely youíre only going to get to do that once.

    Army Builder points in at 1997 - I had really wanted to bring a back up mage but because of the things I wanted to see I clearly didnít have the points. Even losing this battle this is a list I would play again, itís very straight forward but with the new rules gave me access to a few cool strategy ideas.

    So I was playing against High Elves my friend brought, I donít have his list so this is my best guess

    10 archers

    Fire mage on a fire dragon

    30 spear

    10 Swords Masters of Hoeth - blenders

    12 Phoenix Guard

    I was a good game and even thou I lost Kemmler in the top of round two I lasted till round four. Seeing Teclics die to the Haunted mansion when he left his bunker to move into range was small consolation. I was able to take down the dragon rider and cause the dragon to flee in round 3 with my ghouls. I guess putting a necro on the CC would have been a good idea. Losing the GG and two main heroes lost me the game as far as I can tell. That and really bad winds of magic roll.

    Looking forward to my next game.

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    Against any list with teclis you are going to suffer. Frankly i cant wait until the next high elf eddtion so we can see this pointy eared cheese factory brought down to size with his abilities.

    GG These days i try to stay away from. To contend with anything other than core units you have to take the expensive banner of barrows, and you have to upgrade to great weapons. Then i still wouldnt be happy in combat unless i had 1 magical buff on them to reroll to hit or wound, and even then,,, i would still want a vampire in thier with Red Fury and maybe a great weapon so that i know i can claw back some combat res if things go tits up.

    I would drop Krell like a bad smell and replace him with just a Wight King. I have love for Krell, but i think he is too circumstantial like most special characters and doesnt have an amazing save. Simply too expensive for what he does, if he buffed the GG unit he was in with extra WS or S or somthing else then he would be great, but at the moment he is sub par.

    Ghouls are good and are worth thier cost, its just a shame that gw realised this and put the points up.

    I tend to not always go for Master of the Dead on my necromancers the exact reason that i may no get a chance to raise skeletons above there starting size. If im taking just one unit il go with 40-50 with sword and board, if i go 2 units il take 30 each and then a necro with master of dead as i can raise both units at the same time.

    The Banner is almost worth it, but you need a fear bomb tactic to get the most from it. you need a vamp with the -1 ld power, to combine with the banner for a total of -2 on fear checks. The problem is, than with the average generals Ld being 9, and a reroll for anyone with a BSB, you need to reduce the emeny Ld by as much as possible if your going to take it. Otherwise i would suggest taking the banner of flame or whatever it is from the BRB which gives your unit magical flaming attacks, to deal with regen and ethereals, and hope someone with dragon princes or dragon armour doesnt get smart to your plan.

    Bat swarms always move 10". They cant march at all as they have the "hover" special rule, so makes no difference where you set them up in relation to your general. They are great though, certainly have helped out my units a number of times.

    CC i just like to keep in support. Doesnt do a massive amount of damage in combat even when supported so its best off staying safe and milking its abilities.

    Never liked hex wraiths, seemed a little overrated. To get the best result from them i would want to charge through one unit and into the flank of another unit, which is already engaged to the front with a big block of troops so i disrupt ranks. I would rather keep my unit of black knights.

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