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    800 point Vampire Counts

    Hi guys, my friends in the school club are gonna be entering the school league warhammer tournament (played at 800 points), and I thought I should play a few games against them (I'm not entering the tourny as I am already entered the 40K section.
    Here's the list:

    Master Necromancer, Lord of the Dead, Dragonbane Gem 190
    20 Skeleton warriors, Champion, Standard 120
    21 Skeleton warriors, Champion, Standard 125
    10 dire wolves 80
    3 Crypt Horrors, Crypt Haunter 124
    5 Black Knights, Barding, Full Command 160

    Total 799

    The strategy would be to have 2 skeleton units march up the middle, supported on the flanks by the black knights and crypt horrors, who would hopefully flank charge what ever charges/gets charged by the skeletons. The dire wolves would go warmachine hunting.

    I was also thinking of replacing the Crypt horrors with some vargheists, and removing some skellies. In this case the wolves would take the supporting role and the vargheists would be flying around causing havoc. Losing the skellies isn't much bother, as I would be able to bolster them back in no time.

    Also, should I run the skellies in 5x4 or 10x2 formation? I think that the horde formation would be best, as I would be able to increase the skeletons to 10x3 easily, and would thus get thrice the attacking power compared to the 5x4 formation. Also, handweapons or spears? I would be inclined towards hand weapons, as the parry save would be useful, and I also dont think I would be able to bolster the units up to 4x10 by the time I reach combat anyways.

    What spells would be the most important to take?

    I would put them in order of:
    1. Invocation of Nehek
    2. Vanhel's Danse Macabre
    3. Gaze of Nagash
    4. Hellish Vigour
    5-7. Raise Dead, Curse of Years, Wind of Death (in that order)

    Just asking, so I know what spell to replace with invocation, and what spell I should pick incase of a double.

    Thanks guys, criticism is appreciated

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    5 x 4 with the skeletons, you want those rank bonuses, imo. I would also opt for the shields over the spears in this group. Finally, I would say that you should rank Raise Dead higher. Free zombie units!! Hope this helped, and good luck.

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