So, my friends and I have been talking a lot about getting back into WHFB. The more I look through the books I have available, the more sold I am on VC. I just /love/ nearly all of the characters. To that end, we're probably going to run a 2500 point battle in a couple of weeks, so I have a 2500 point army up in a nearby post. But I just talked to my friend who is running Tomb Kings, and he wants to have a 4000 point battle. Not sure when or if it's going to happen, but I want to be prepared (And I really enjoy making army lists), so I've put together this 4000 point list. It's an expansion of the 2500 point list I have in the other post. I'm basically posting so you guys can take a look and let me know if I made any glaring mistakes. Thanks in advance! ;)

LORDS (994)

Vamp Lord
-Heavy Armor
-Aura of Dark Majesty
-Summon Creatures of the Night
-Other Trickster's Shard
-Talisman of Preservation

Strigoi Ghoul King
-Aura of Dark Majesty

HEROES (676)

Vampire #1
-BSB w/ Screaming Standard
-Fear Incarnate
-Supernatural Horror
-Level 2 Wizard
-Heavy Armor
-Rod of Flaming Death

Vampire #2
-Aura of Dark Majesty
-Heavy Armor
-Level 2 Wizard
-Book of Arkhan

Vampire #3
-Aura of Dark Majesty
-Heavy Armor
-Level 2 Wizard
-Enchanted Shield
-Dispel Scroll

CORE (1006)

3 x 54 Zombies (Vamp in each)
-Musician and Standard

2 x 25 Zombies
-Musician and Standard Bearer

4 x 10 Dire Wolves


2 Corpse Carts

9 Vargheists

15 Fell Bats (Vampire Lord goes here)


2 Terrorgheists

TOTAL: 4000

I do have to say, all the Death Shrieking has me a bit giddy. Thoughts?