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    105 (x5)

    3k Competition this Sunday

    L&H's (405) (100 (120 (135)
    • Ghoul Overlord - Red Fury, Flying Horror, Fencers Blades, Glittering Scales, Dragonbane Gem
    • Wight King - Great Sword, Heavy Armor, Dragon Helm
    • Necromancer - Lvl.2, Master of the Undead
    • Necromancer - Lvl.2, The Cursed Book
    CORE (270 (270 (260 (50x3)
    • 48 Skeletons – Spears, FC
    • 48 Skeletons - Spears, FC
    • 25 Crypt Ghouls – Crypt Ghast
    • 5 Dire Wolves – Doomwolf
    • 5 Dire Wolves – Doomwolf
    • 5 Dire Wolves – Doomwolf
    SPECIAL (368 (116) (335) (236
    • 24 Grave Guard – Great Swords, FC, Banner of Barrows
    • Corpse Cart – Balefire, Spear
    • 10 Black Knights - Lances, FC, Razor Standard, Barded
    • 6 Crypt Horrors - Crypt Haunter
    • Gheist
    TOTAL: 2992

    Hello. I have a small store wide event going on this upcoming sunday and so im making preparations early. The list here is pretty self explanatory, but the only thing I havent had much expreience with is the ghoul king. I know most favor using a tooled up vamp lord but im hoping to try out something new for a change. The first necro stands between the 2 bunker units, while the seconds moves along w/ the ghouls on the flank. Ghoul king does his own thing, gheist is already a magnet for every gun on board so im hoping to ease some of the attention that he is always getting. Lastly I do know for sure that 2 of the people participating will be dwarfs, and one plays HEs so thats something to consider.

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    Hi there! I like your list, seems to be very well rounded. One thing to consider, you could drop the doomwolf upgrades and take the screaming banner. I do like how you are taking a flying vampire even though you are likely to play dwarves, very ballsy! But he would probably benefit from a weapon that gives him a strength bonus as opposed to the fencer's blades because he will generally have a 3+ to hit without them and str 7 will give him a 2+ to wound.

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