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    New to the (new) VC - First 1k list :)

    Hi all.

    I've done a bit of tinkering to incorporate a foot vampire in the list over a mounted one, and to also beef up the magic phase too.

    Vampire - Quickblood & Great Weapon, Heavy Armour - 147

    Necromancer - Lvl 2 - 100

    40 Zombies - 120

    30 Ghouls - 300

    3 Crypt Horrors - 114

    17 Grave Guard - Command - 217

    Zombies take the centre to bog down the central enemy units, and are supported/stopped from dying by the Necro and Vampire with IoN.

    Once the Zombies have become a tar-pit, the Ghouls and horrors swing round one side of the tar-pit to engage and destroy enemy units on this flank

    While simultaneously, on the opposite flank, the Vampire and Grave Guard also move to do the same or at the very least, hold down an enemy unit to give enough time for the Ghouls and horrors to do their job

    Once this has been achieved, the Ghouls and horrors move to relieve the Vampire and his unit (provided they haven't chewed through whatever went after them), and all the remaining soldiers then turn to destroy the tar-pitted units fighting the zombies (who would have been supported throughout by the Necromancer with IoN, who will aim to NEVER get into CC).

    Thoughts? - good or bad? - I swapped out a 30 man skele unit to get the Grave Guard, but unfortunately I was also too many pts short to get the Banner of the Barrows.

    Anyway, appreciate the C&C
    EDIT: Wow...86 views and not a single reply - haha, thanks LO - anyway, I've edited the list to incorporate a foot vamp instead of a mounted one, as well as try to beef up the magic element of the army.

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