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    800 points for training with friends

    Just a wee army I threw together, trying to be pretty competative.

    Lord Necromancer, MotD, Dragonbane Gem

    2 x 18 Skellies with Standard and Champion

    That leaves me with 410 points to spend, and I have a couple of combinations I like.

    1. 3 Crypt Horrors, 10 Black Knights with standard, 1 skeleton

    2. 3 Crypt Horrors with Champion, Varghulf, 2 Spirit Hosts,

    3. 30 Grave Guard with Full Command

    Which of these is best? Do you have any good combinations for 390 pts?

    Also, which spells should I aim to be getting. Invocation and Vanhel's are obvious, but should I choose Vigour, Gaze or Raise?

    Thanks in advance

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    I have a 1500 point army and just started using and new player that just started to playing and maybe not the most suited one for advice. However I run a block of 6 Vargheists with 2 Varghulf for anvil and hammer and they work great. For small battle I would take this list for flexibility and maneuverability

    Necromancer, Lv2, Master of the dead & Talisman of Protection
    The ToP will aid in given him a chance to stay alive since they always target my characters in my bunkers and end losing them.

    34 Skellies with full command
    I would just boost their ranks and for a tarp pit they usually do horrible so I would run them 5x7 to aid the combat resolution.

    The Varghulf works great but sending him solo usually doesn’t do well however they work great as pair. Or support with another unit.

    3-4 Vargheists
    Do great vs. most units except the mounted knights they do horrible

    If you run 3 Vargheists then there is room for the 3 Crypt Horrors
    3 Crypt Horrors

    I haven use them and planning to get them ready for this weekend and will be my addition for a 2k army to support my skellies blocks. But they seem to have potential since I think they are worth taking. But maybe for your list drop Vargheists and take a block of 6 Crypt Horrors with 5 Dire wolves dropping a few Skellies but will leave your Varghulf for support or to deal with any artillery units.

    I hope this helps

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