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    Campaign Army List Comments Appreciated.


    My friends and I are playing a campaign army in which we are starting out with 1,000 points and then conquering land for further abilities to have points items etc. You know... the usual stuff . It is quite a bit of fun at the moment because it brings us away from the bigger armies and lets us be a little bit more creative due to the restrictions (or lack there of) imposed. Anyways here are my current lands and what I can get.

    I appreciate any ideas you guys may have as I know that with a few tweaks this could be hardened a bit. I believe it has a few loose ends and may be a little weak in places.

    1) Character which I have chosen to be a Vampire Count- The type of vampire can change throughout the campaign (sylv, dragon, etc), but the general character can't.
    2) Special units
    1) Rare
    1) War Machines.
    1) Monster
    100 points in a combination of up to three items.

    Thes are my current territories.

    52 Bridge Adds 50 pts.
    11 Wizard's Tower Allows 1 wiz.
    12 Wizard's Tower Allows 1 wiz.
    31 Village 1+ Special
    15 Shrine Battle Standard
    64 Forest 2+ war machine/ Allows Skirmishers
    55 Mountain Pass 75+ Points

    This is what I am allowed now:

    Total Points: 1125 points.

    - Lords:1 Vampire Count
    - Heroes:2 Wizards
    - Core: Unlimited, regular restrictions apply regarding unit size.
    - Special: 3
    - Rare: 1
    - Battle Standard Bearer: 1
    - War Machines: 3
    - Skirmishers

    ok... so maybe I wasn't too lucky at rolling this time, I did get a ... few good things.

    This is what I am currently fielding: (total points for units are calculated adjacent)

    Bloodline: Strigoi

    (1) Vampire Count: 260 pts
    Options: Level 2; Iron Sinews (+1 Str):

    (1) Necromancer: 150 pts
    Options: Level 2; Power Familiar (1+ cast/dispel):

    (1) Necromancer: 125 pts
    Options: Level 2; Book of Arkhan (Bound Spell Lvl 3 Vanhel's Danse Mac):

    (15) Skeletons: 140 pts
    Options: Skeleton Captain; Standard Bearer; Vanilla (Sword/Shield):

    (5) Ghouls: 40 pts
    Options: None (Skirmish Line)

    (1) Spirit Hosts: 65 pts
    Options: None

    (10) Grave Guard: 154 pts
    Options: Crypt Keeper; Shield/Hand Weapon; Standard Bearer:

    (5) Dire Wolves: 50 pts
    Options: None

    (5) Dire Wolves: 50 pts
    Options: None

    (1) Banshee: 90 pts
    Options: None

    Total Points: 1124 pts (1 pt Left)
    Total Power Dice: 9
    Total Dispel Dice: 6
    Total Points Used On Magic Items: 95 pts
    Active Magic Item: Book of Arkhan (Bound Spell Lvl 3 Vanhel's Danse Mac)

    Last edited by Grimbog Elf Ater; June 16th, 2005 at 04:51. Reason: Please don't post individual item / upgrade costs, only the totals please!

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    Your list looks fine. Grave Guards should be kept to 1.5k plus IMO, so I'd cut them to add 2 bases of spirit hosts and an extra wolf to each unit. Good luck in your campaign, and welcome to LO!
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