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    Now here it is and reworked 2000 (Von Carstein)

    After some helpful advice here is my reworked VC army

    Vampire Count, Necromancy, Lvl 2, Aura of Dark Majesty, Tomb Blade, Wristbands of Black Gold
    Necromancer, Necromancy, Book of Arkhan, spell familiar, lvl 2
    Necromancer, Necromancy, lvl 2, spell familiar, dispell scroll

    Skeletons x20, musician, standard
    Skeletons x20, musician, standard
    Zombies x20, musician, standard
    Zombies, musician, standard
    Dire wolves x10
    Bat Swarms x4

    Black Knights x10, Hell Knight, standard, musician, barding, banner of the barrows
    Graveguard x9, crypt keeper

    I am still looking for advice as i am new o Warhammer Fantasy and am just learing the complex rules and still looking at my skellies and necromancers. ^_^ So please crtiticise my army and help me make a legion worthy of a Vampire

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    Greetings, Eldar Lord.

    The problem that jumped out at me is the GG unit. 9 simply isn't worth the points. Either go big, or drop them altogether.

    At 2000 pts, take a fourth character. Carstein's have great all-around bloodline powers, lilke walking death. I love taking a Carstein thrall with walking death and putting him in a blackknight unit with the war banner.

    10 Black Knights is overkill. 2 units of 5 would work better. They're flankers, not full-frontal chargers. Or 1 smaller unit of BK. But not 10. Again, I love the War Banner with BKs.

    Do you have 1 or 2 units of zombies? 2 is one too many in my opinion. Drop one to free up points for an additonal character.

    Consider ethereal hosts. They are superior to the bat swarms in many ways. They negate ranks. They move farther by 2". They are ethereal and can't be hurt by very much. Biggest difference is that they don't skirmish, but skirmisherse don't negate ranks, not ever. Whichever way you go, drop to three bases instead of four. Three will hold the enemy plenty long (which is what swarms mainly do). Also, three will screen a unit of skeletons or zombies well without being too long of a screen, getting in the way. Three are more manueverable than four, especially if you decide on hosts.

    Dire wolves are needed in any VC army. Keep 'em.

    Ghouls are a great complement to a VC army. If you can squeeze in a few, there worth the points.

    So mainly, I'd say drop the GG, tone down on the BK, drop the 2nd unit of zombies, add a character, think twice about your swarms, and go kick your opponents around the playing field like little the little sissys they are. Dropping GG, BK, zombies, and one swarm base will free up a tone of points. Play around with it and see what you like.

    Also, you can't have two spell familiars. You only have one in your crypt, just like you have only one book of arkhan, etc. You can have multiples of dispell scrolls and power stones, but that's it for VCs.

    Hope that helped.

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