[2000] Blood Dragons - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [2000] Blood Dragons

    2000 point Blood Dragon list

    338 Vampire Count Strahd- Level 2 wizard, Full Plate armor, shield, Sword of Unholy Power, Ring of The Night, Master Strike

    135 Vampire Thrall Vladmir- Heavy armor, Great weapon, red fury, strength of steel, shield

    116 Wight Lord Weiran- Sword of Kings, gem of blood, heavy armor, shield

    130 Necromancer Grigori- Level 2 wizard, spell familiar, black periapt

    265 30 skeletons- hand weapon/shield, full command

    265 30 skeletons- hand weapon/shield, full command

    295 30 skeletons- spear/shield, full command

    335 20 Grave Guard- hand weapon/shield, full command, Banner of The Barrows

    120 6 Fell Bats

    1999 points

    Any comments?

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    Hey there, sithjack.

    For starters, the thrall with a gw can't wield a shield, unless you think you might have him fighting w/ hw and shield depending upon the combat.

    Why the wight lord? If you want a fighter, get another thrall. If you want to make up for the poor magic of blood dragons, get another necromancer. I usually go count, thrall, and two necros, regardless of bloodline.

    Drop one unit of skeletons. That's overkill. You're going to raise them anyway. Instead buy some otherunits that your army really needs. As it is, the list lacks flexibility. It can only do two things: trundle forward with the infantry and hunt war machines or characters with the bats. And if the bats are killed (and they probably will be as you're enemy will quickly see them as the only long range threat) then you have nothing to back up.

    First, I'd recommend two units of three fell bats. Or one unit of four. Then I'd pick up dire wolves and ghouls. These units will protect your flanks and threaten the flanks of your enemy, as well as fulfill the same role as the fell bats. WIth these additions you'd have more flexibility.

    Second, instead of 30 skeletons, just start with 20. Maybe 25 if you're only using one necromancer.

    As for the gem of blood, I've gotten to where I almost only take it on characters with three or more wounds. I've lost too many heroes with two wounds to a bad roll of the dice on that thing.

    Give the necromancer the book of arkhan. It's a must in a vampire army. You raise a unit of skeletons in the rear, which your opponent fails to dispel. As he has no dispel dice left, you use the book of arkhan to slam that unit into the rear of his troops.

    If you go with the sword of unholy power, I don't think you'll need the black periapt, though it's a nice item. Use a dispel scroll instead. I've become a believer in those after not taking them for quite a while. After a few comets got dropped on my head, I deferred to the judgment of others and tote at least one to every battle now.

    Just an idea: giving the thrall with the great weapon the flayed hauberk can be a tremendous help. You still have points for strength of steel, too.

    Hope that helped.

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    i think sword of unholy power is useless: i prefer a second hand weapon or a great weapon :lol:

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    I personally would swap the sword of unholy power for a tomb blade, an put your count at the head of a unit of 20 fully armoured skeletons, and watch the unit grow!!!
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    i just have to say that a hero cannot have 2 items from the same catagory like how u have the black pariapt and spell familiar. thats 2 arcane items :eek:

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    LO Zealot Grimbog Elf Ater's Avatar
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    A couple of suggestions for you if I may:

    - Turn the wight into a level 2 necro. All VC armies, regardless or bloodline, rely on magic to sustain them and keep them viable.
    - You've got 2 enchanted items on the necro, perhaps swap one to the necro that's replacing the wight (if you want to go that way) and add a couple dispel scrolls. I'd also swap out the spell familiar for the Book of Arkhan.
    - As Ginger said, not a fan of the Sword of Unholy Power, although it is slightly more viable with 2 necros. I'd kit out your lord with Red Fury and an enchanted shield for the points cost, in addition to an addition hand weapon, full plate and a great weapon. For a few measly points extra, you can decide what you combat monster will use according to the situation presented. It also allows you to model a walking armoury on the vamp in question as well! :p
    - Consider making the thrall a BSB. He could still be effective in CC, and if you give him a war banner so that he adds valuable CR point wherever he roams, on top of the usual beneifts of a BSB in an undead list.
    - IMO, skellies shouldn't be given spears, an extra 5 ws2 s3 attacks isn't anything to write home about. Instead, give all of your skellies light armour to improve their AS and hand weapons and shields. They're big 'tar-pit' units and they will be even stickier if you improve ther armour saves! Also, I'd cut the skellies back to about 20 per unit - you can easily bolster units sized with invocations later if necessary.
    - I'd cut the fell bats to 4. While 6 can weather a lot more magic and fire, when shielded by terrain and used effectively as war machine hunters and march blockers, 4 is enough. This number is great for use against war machines, yuou outumber them and they will break if they fail a fear test!
    - Finally, if you've made the above changes, you could add in a unit of about 8-9 black knights with a standard and champion. Mount your BSB on a barded nightmare and you have a great hard hitting, CR winning team that will almost certainly break anything it meets in close combat, especially if used in conjunction with your skellies.

    Whew! Hope that's helped you a little Sithjack!
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