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    2500p turnament list army of sylvania

    I'm playing in a local tournament this weekend. The field is me and 3 more vampire counts, 1 tomb king, 1 Lizardmen, 2 Empire, 2 High elves, 1 Culf of slaanesh, 1 Dwarf, 2 Chaos, 1 Dark elves, 1 orc & goblin.
    The armies is 2500p with no special caracters and u get composition points for the army according to this list http://www.lincon.se/WHFLinCon2005.htm

    I need help to build my list havent played sylvania that much. Have lotz of models so i can field almost what I want. My current list is.

    Vampire Lord Book of arkhan, Earthbind, Spectral attendants, Summon wolf, Greatweapon, Lv3 436p

    Vampire Thrall Nightmare, Barding, Heavy armour, Enchanted shield, Lance, Earthbind, Summon wolf 145p

    Wight Lord Heavy armour, Battle standard, Banner of Barrows 134p

    24 Militia Full cmd, Spear 265p

    16 Levies Std, Halberd 138p

    16 Levies Halberd 128p

    6 Dire Wolfs Scout 66p

    5 Dire Wolfs 50p

    3 Fell Bats 60p

    27 Grave Guards Full cmd, shield, the drakenhof banner 431p

    2 Spirit Hosts 130p

    Black Coach 175p

    Black Coach 175p

    5 Drakenhof templars Full cmd, Barding 165p


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