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    Von Carsteins [4200]

    I suggested to my friend that we play a big 3000 pt battle, and he countered with 4000. After a bit of armybuilding, we found that we could 4200 and max out our armies.

    This will be against Lizardmen, who will have, needless to say, a Slann running around.

    I could've gone Blood Dragon, which would've been fun. A lord all tooled up. A count on a winged nightmare. A thrall with the battle standard. Another thrall with two hand weapons. And so on.

    However, I went with Von Carsteins simply because I wanted the 18" march range on the general. SInce I had so many characters and points, I'm taking some things for the first time, like the Von Carstein Ring and Krell's Axe.

    So here it is:

    -Vampire Lord, lvl 3 caster, great weapon, crown of the damned, talon of death, aura of dark majesty
    -Vampire Count, mounted, great weapon, lvl 2, the carstein ring
    -Master Necromancer, lvl 4, gem of blood, rod of flaming death, dispel scroll
    -Wraith, cursed book
    -Wight Lord, hvy armr, sword of the kings, enchanted shield
    -Wight lord, barded mount, hvy armr, black axe of krell
    -Necromancer, lvl 2 caster, book of arkhan, dispel scroll

    -Black Knights x 7, hvy armr, shld, full command, war banner [should hit HARD with the count and wight lord making a five man front]
    -grave guard x 21, shields, full command, banner of the barrow [2nd wight lord's unit and I just happen to have 21 models]
    -skeletons x 25, hw, lt armr, shld, full command [lord's unit]
    -skeletons x 22, spears, full command
    -zombies x 19, full command
    -dire wolves x 8
    -dire wolves x 8
    -ghouls x 12
    -batswarm x 4
    -spirit host x 3
    -fell bats x 5
    -the black coach x 1
    -banshee x 1
    -ogre maneaterse x 3, handguns, cathayan longsword, great weapon, hvy armor

    It ought to be fun. I've never played more than 2500 before. I considered running the wraith and necros loose, but because of that dammed lore of heavens, they'll have to stay imbedded in units. But, I could give the wraith the obsidian amulet and let him go wandering. My friend informed me that he has about 55 skink models and I'd love to see those little pests flee as my wraith glides past. I'm not sure where to place the necromancer and master necromancer, but they'll need protection. Then again, I don't want to stack to many points into a unit.

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    From experience i have seen a great use of a Vampire Lord not in the skeletons unit but in a Black Knight unit. That is the deadliest thing i have seen my friend do with his army. But thats just what i have seen. I only know that if u get that unit into combat fast your opponent will have a hell of a time stopping them. Thats my 2cents

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