hey, i finally got my VC book, and reading a few tactica and the army lists i figured i would have a stab at making a (small) army.

Lahmian Thrall - Quickblood, biting blade
Necromancer - Staff of damnation, level 2 mage
Necromancer - Book or arkhan, level 2 mage

19 zombies <-- lahmian goes here
18 zombies
5 dire wolves
5 dire wolves

4 Fell bats

(DoW) Braganzas Besiegers (unit 12 strong)

I really wanted braganzas. i just like the models. looking at the army i was worried about mobility - although i feel i have sacrificed numbers to achieve mobility.
just wanted to know what everybody thought and if there was anything you guys would do differently.

on a different note, do you think Games workshop would let me play with a dwarf themed undead? (a converted dwarf lord as a thrall in higher points battles, spirit swarms consisting of slayers and doomseekers, dire wolves represented by boars, dwarfs + zombies to make grave guard, mordheim ghouls to represent "mountain ghouls", and then a load of regular zombies as zombies - cos they are cool, maybe ex-mountain traders or adventurers)
I want my army to be focused around a dwarf lord of old (named "Babum") who rescued a trading caravan from attackers, and for his efforts was rewarded with only a handmaiden - not wealth (which is what he was really after ). The handmaiden was, of course, a vampire.