Hi.. i've before come up with this army, but now i just got some ideas for some eventual changes...

The army goes like this:


Strigoi Vampire Lord: 435 Pts
Level 3 Wizard
Iron Sinews
Massive Monstrosity
Infinite Hatred


Necromancer: 150 Pts
Level 2 Wizard
Dispel Scroll
Dispel Scroll

Wight Lord: 139 Pts
Heavy Armour
Army Standard Bearer
The Sword of Kings
The Gem of Blood

Core units:

19 Skeletons: 190 Pts
Light Armour

20 Skeletons: 210 Pts
Standard Bearer
Light Armour

9 Ghouls: 72 Pts

9 Ghouls: 72 Pts

5 Dire Wolves: 50 Pts

5 Dire Wolves: 50 Pts

Special Units:

8 Black Knights: 265 Pts
Full Command
War Banner

4 Fell Bats: 80 Pts

3 Spirit Host: 195 Pts

Rare Units:

Banshee: 90 Pts

Total: 1998 Pts

------ my changes would be like this:

removing 3 black knights, saving me 75 pts for either:

1. some more fell bats(i'll add 5 more pts from somewhere else, and make a second unit of 4 bats)

2. a unit of zombies, which will be raised bigger, and used for main unit

3. another banshee, just for the scream.. i LOVE banshees

4. swapping the war banner with banner of the barrows for better kill effect

anyone of these you think will be better?

regards. AND